Gran Turismo 7: The loading times on the PS5 are almost 40

Gran Turismo 7 appears as a cross-gene game for both PS5 and PS4, which is why many questions, which will be the differences. But the greatest bonus on the PS5 is not available in the graphics, but at the loading times.

Gran Turismo 7 loads so fast that we can barely blink

The Analysis Channel ElanalistadeBits released a comparison video between the standard PS4, PS4 PRO and PS5 on YouTube. The typical differences were also discovered again, such as the resolution or graphical quality. Accordingly, a full 4K resolution await you on the PS5, an overall better texture quality as well as raytracing effects away from the races.

The biggest difference but clearly make the loading times. Thanks to the very fast SSD, it is clear that the PS5 will have the nose in front, but so far, then is surprising:

Almost 40 seconds savings : Elanalistadebits has measured the loading of a menu in one of the routes. It came out that the PS5 needs just 1.5 seconds to complete the loading process. In contrast, the PS4 41.9 and the PS4 per 37.1 seconds needs.

This is an enormous difference and shows again that the graphical quality is not everything to increase the game fun. Extrapolated on 10 races, we simply stare on the screen for almost seven minutes on the PS4, while the whole thing on the PS5 takes just under 15 seconds.

Gran Turismo 7: PS5 vs PS4 Performance Review
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Away, Gran Turismo 7 was also very convincing in the Channel ElanalistadeBits test. Colleague Tobias has been able to spend many hours with the racing game and praises, among other things, other aspects of PS5 implementation such as haptic feedback and the 3D sound.

Do you play Gran Turismo 7 on the PS4 or on the PS5?

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