Car fans beware: Gran Turismo 7 is now finally available [Display]

Gran Turismo 7 PS5 - Finally It Is Here
The long wait is finally over: Today Gran Turismo appears for PS4 and PS5, punctually for the weekend. There are now five years since Gran Turismo Sport and 9 years since Gran Turismo 6, so it’s high time. Now your racing dreams are nothing in the way.

If you have been insecure or for other reasons, however, it has decided against the game, the game can now get the game regularly at Mediamarkt. The PS4 version costs 66.99 euros, the PS5 version 76.99 euros and the 25th Anniversary Edition 99.99 euros.

Gran Turismo 7 at Mediamarkt

That comes in Gran Turismo 7

In the latest part of the Gran Turismo series, every lover comes at his expense, because it combines popular features from the predecessors. There are both a detailed single player campaign as well as online race for passionate competitors.

In GT simulation mode, you can buy vehicles, tunes and sell, as well as race against Ai opponents drive to unlock new challenges. For example, there is a mode in which your race can be denied in rhythm to music. There is still dynamic weather, which is different depending on the racetrack.

Of course, the game is not only intended for single players. You can play both online against other hobby racers, as well as **** in split screen mode with a friend on the couch. The multiplayer mode is greatly oriented with Gran Turismo Sport.

In particular, Gran Turismo 7 is characterized by his attention to detail. The car models are tremendically realistic and you can also customize them according to your wishes. There is a photomodus so that you can show your creations in the right light – on the PS5 even with RayTracing.

Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) for 76,99 € at Mediamarkt

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For Superfans: The 25th Anniversary Edition

For those who are simply not enough for those who are simply not enough, there are the 25th Anniversary Edition. This contains a PS5 GameDisc, as well as a download code for the PS4 version. Even if you have no PS5, you can use them. In addition to the game you get in this edition a chic SteelBook case, as well as the soundtrack, for pre-orderers, there are even 1,000,000 credits in the game and extra vehicles and skins.

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition for 99.99 € at Mediamarkt

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