In the “Atsushi Animal Forest”, the medical pharmacist shows the super real “Pharmacy” Corde. It looked around through interviews, too deep again

At the “ Atsushi Animal Forest “, Create culture has been popular in 2022. Especially the additional DLC “Happy Home Paradise” implemented last year can create various villas at resorts from uninhabited islands. You can coordinate ideal properties according to the desired residents. Therefore, the width of the island for the island of the island is further expanding.

The content of the request is often desired to be a villa like villa, such as a “villa who has a wonderful garden” or “fashionable indoor pool”. On the other hand, as a variant species, it is also possible to create a facility rather than a room, such as a “Fast food store” or “Flower shop full of flowers”. The player works on making a store-like interior, making full use of its own sense and imagination.

However, if “Pro” challenges “professional” here? It is Mr. TWitter user who answered such questions. Mr. Yukari is a pharmacist as a hobby and a pharmacist as a job. Such Yukari said this time to the order ordered from the Mei of Kogma. The theme is sloppy, “Dreaming pharmacists”. The fire was on the occupational soul of Mr. Yukari. A super-real pharmacolar coordination was completed by the religious pharmacist.

Anyway, the details are different. First of all, it is a binder placed at reception. This is like a questionnaire for the first time to write to the customer who came to the pharmacy. Some people may remember written at the pharmacy if it is said. It is a computer that I want to focus on. Did you have such a pharmacy? Speaking of, there is. This is called a reciper, and it is an instrument used to create a “medical treatment fee statement).

The magazine was interviewed by Mr. Yukari who talked about the story of this coordination in detail. According to His, I thought that I would like to make a pharmacy opens a request. It was nice to have a pharmacist as a subject material, and it was created by putting a spirit. Even if there are various workplaces as a pharmacist, it is said that the motif of the dispensing pharmacy with many opportunities to be informed. By the way, it is said that it is the setting of the Gate Previous Pharmacy (Pharmacy in front of the hospital just before the hospital).

When I asked, “This is delicious!”, He taught me some attention points. First of all, a pharmacy establishment permit posted at a position seen from the patient. This seems to have reproduced by looking at the item “Hyushojo”. In addition, “water server” that is casually placed is also a good point. Since the pharmacy may be able to take the medicine that has come out immediately, the equipment that can provide water is essential.

In addition, attention is also focused on ceilings in the room. Well, often a lot of “Keiko” is installed. Actually, the structural equipment rules for pharmacy are defined for the brightness of the dispensing room. According to the rules, the brightness of the place where the pharmaceutical product is displayed, or the brightness of the place to issue a pharmaceutical and medicinal product is 60 lux. On the dispensing table, 120 lux is required. By setting up a lot of room lights, it seems to be kept the brightness that fits firmly. Besides this, the books placed at Mei’s desk represent book “Today’s therapeutic agent”. It seems like a pharmaceutical dictionary published by the Medical Publisher’s Nanevo. It is said that there are many lusters for easy-to-see and compact sizes.

Mr. Yukari also listened to the furniture you want to further brush up the pharmacy. Then, considering the day of Japan, the answer that the partition and air purifier want. However, “His Atsushi His Animal Forest” seems to be convinced by the world line without new coronavirus. Another male furniture is a “sorting machine”. This is a device that bags tablets and pollenes into pills. Because it is a major dispensing pharmacy, he reported that “Atsusho him he could reproduce anything in Animal Forest”.

By the way, I am anxious as a general user, the contents of a large amount of cardboard loaded in the second floor rest. When I hit this about this, I taught me that it was a setting that contains various documents. Specifically, documents such as prescriptions, documents where the storage period is determined by pharmacist law. The prescription is that the three-year preservation is required from the date of “dispensed”. However, since it will be a considerable amount if you save the prescription for three years, it seems that there are a lot of pharmacies that you can not enter the dispensing room in the rest room. It is a detail that can be reproduced only because it is a project of the field.

If it is a professional, this coordination was completed with a lot of time? I think it also, but the answer is no. In this production, it was said that it takes time because it was made with reference to the structural equipment rules of the pharmacy etc. It seems that a trial and error over 5 hours will be completed.

I also heard the advice on the person who wanted to make a pharmacy with “Happy Home Designer” from now on. According to Mr. Yukari, when opening a dispensing pharmacy, it is said that severe criteria must be cleared. As the article required for the “Pharmacy, etc. Structural Equipment Regulations” mentioned above, gave me a help that it would be good to refer. In addition, it is good to image “Place personal information in a position where you can not see” or “whether the dispensing can be safely possible”. If you challenge the creation of a pharmacy in this work in the future, you will be good to try a full-scale coordination.

Mr. Yukari is also actively researching and practicing peaceful culture. Many beautiful pictures have been published with a large number of beautiful photocells in Japan, so I would like to check the tweets of Mr. Thanks.

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