The opening movie of eight minutes from Gran Turismo 7 traces the long history of cars

Gran Turismo 7 comes out tomorrow, March 4, on PlayStation 5 and PS4, and the descriptor in a word of the game is “passion”. As stated in our magazine Gran Turismo 7, the love of polyphony digital for the automobiles and the culture that surrounds them is palpable throughout the experiment, and everything starts with an opening film with epic proportions.

Sony has put this eight-minute editing on YouTube online so that everyone can see it, and it’s certainly something. Presenting images of the real world and possibly passing to the gameplay, the film takes us through major events in the history of humanity since the introduction of cars, highlighting things like the Titanic disaster and the albolt – Between images of the growing popularity of races, of course. It’s an indulgent and melodramatic introduction to the game, and it’s hard not to love it.

Gran Turismo 7: Opening Movie [4K 60FPS]

If it does not sell you on the obsessive and charming direction of the game, we doubt that anything do it. Are you looking forward to driving Gran Turismo 7? Loop your belt in the comments section below.

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