Gran Turismo 7: So do cars

A large part of racing simulation games is to have the freedom to vote their car according to their wishes. From brake kits, tires, suspension, air filters and much more, everyone wants to tune his car to handle it great and drive quickly. Here we help you with the first steps as you can do cars in Gran Turismo 7.

So do cars in Gran Turismo 7

At the beginning you get involved and choose your first car in the used car shop. After a while you will find that the performance evaluation is further removed from the recommended racing events. Do not worry if you are of course moving through the Gran Turismo Café, you will meet Menujuch No. 6, Tune A Classic Car.

At this mission, you will tune a 65 mini Cooper S to a performance evaluation of 360 or higher so that you can use it to participate in the events listed in Menu Book No.7 European Hot Hatches. The menu no. 6 is your entry into the partial shop, which will help you to bring your vehicles to the front man.

You will also notice different levels of vehicle parts, such as Z sports, club sports, half burning and so on . These steps improve the other skills of their cars to achieve better performance, but are not unlocked from the beginning. What you need to do here is to unlock more cars by buying or winning to increase your collector level. As soon as you have reached a sufficiently high level, the highest quality parts are available.

For certain cars, however, there will be some restrictions. Some are not compatible with weight reduction or certain types of suspensions, intercoolers or turbochargers. This becomes clearer if you buy and win cars that do much better, usually in the range of performance ratings of 550 or higher.

Big Tour 7 is now available exclusively for the consoles PlayStation 4 and 5.

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