Review of Gran Turismo 7: A complete setback

gran Turismo 7 It is less concerned with being a great racing video game and is more focused on being a living encyclopedia that honors the history of cars. That does not mean that the real races you do in gran tourism 7 is bad anyway, but from the game’s opening scene onwards, it is clear that the Polyphony Digital developer was proposed to create a comprehensive experience that offers more than just driving Around a runway on fast cars. The resulting product is not just a return to the form of the Grand Tourism series as a whole, but it is a game that is probably one of the most elegant and insurance I have played.

Before the launch of gran Turismo 7, the director of the game for a long time, Kazunori Yamauchi, said that the last delivery of the series would be very similar to the previous entries. In a general sense, that is incredibly accurate. Gt7 has a lot in common with many of the oldest games of the franchise, specifically when it comes to how formatted. The game begins with the acquisition of a pretty bad car in the search to teach you the basic concepts of driving. As time passes, you will start getting more licenses, money to buy cars and unlock additional tracks. It is a very simple game cycle, but it is still satisfactory despite being so familiar.

The big difference with gran Tourism 7 from a structural perspective comes with the location of coffee. The coffee in gt7 is a place that will essentially distribute missions for you so that you have more specific tasks in which you concentrate at any given time. Most of these missions end up being very simple (win this tournament, win this set of specific cars, etc.), but they help you have a greater sense of direction and purpose.

The real game in gran tourism 7 is quite solid, but it is different from most other racing games at present. While the Forza Horizon series has become furor in recent years by the fast game and similar to the arcade offered, gran Turismo 7 is really trying to replicate a real world driving experience. As such, I’m not sure if I would use the word “fun” to describe gt7 as it is played. Instead, it is very technical and comes with a learning curve that requires you to correctly learn to use the brakes, take curves and use the accelerator in moderation. This process of becoming a better pilot over time is something that I do not think it looks a lot in other racing games, and it really is one of the most satisfying parts of GT7. In addition, I believe that this dedication to the creation of a legitimate driving simulator also helps to distinguish each of the hundreds of cars that are in gran Turismo 7 with great effect. The more you play, the more you can begin to realize that each vehicle has its own specific sensation that makes it unique.

Outside the main circuits in which you will continue continuously gran tourism 7, the game presents a handful of other ways with which you can spend time. One of them is a kind of musical mini-game, which is presented as soon as you start gt7 for the first time. Essentially, this mode reproduces music for you while traveling a certain track. The goal is to see how far you can come before the music you are listening to come to an end. This is a fun addition to gran tourism 7 in general, but does not change the game in any way.

The other game that is included involves multiplayer mode. GRAN TOURISM 7 Not only does it allow you to compete against your friends and other random players online, but also brings back the sports component that was seen in Grand Tourism_. Due to my limited time in the pre-launching phase, I could not play with the multiplayer components of GT7 a lot. Although I have little experience with him, I think the multiplayer mode should be able to keep players interested for quite some time.

My Honest Review of Gran Turismo 7
What really takes gran Turismo 7 At a completely new level for me comes with all the details at the outer edges that Polyphony Digital chose to include this time. Gt7 focuses on making you really fall in love with the cars, and every aspect of your presentation is meant to emphasize this. An element of the game that I loved in particular involved the long and detailed stories of almost all auto manufacturers.

Each time you visit the store of a given manufacturer within gran tourism 7, you will not only be presented with the option of buying cars from these companies, but you can also see a complete history of that company since its inception. These stories are not only extremely long and are oriented to details, but also overlap a broader timeline of events that have taken place in world history. For example, in 2016, you will discover that Dodge not only chosen to discontinue its line of Viper car, but the puppies also won the World Series that same year. It is almost unnecessary, how much information has been included in gran Turismo 7 But again, it is almost as if Polyphony wanted this game to be an encyclopedia for cars more than anything else.

The obvious love of Polyphony by the cars also shines with the images of gran tourism 7. In simpler terms, this is a beautiful game to look, especially if you are playing on a PS5. Although the actual environments in gt7 do not see the best, each vehicle in the game is incredibly detailed and it looks almost realistic at times. Mainly I played gran tourism 7 with a priority in resolution rather than performance. And although I usually do not play in this way, I am very happy to have done it because GT7 is a visual show. Lighting and reflections, in particular, caught my attention to be very impressive.

The way of photography (known as Scapes) that has been included in gran Turismo 7 is what made me appreciate the images of the game even more. GRAN Tourism 7 The way of photography literally includes thousands of places in the real world that you can use as a backdrop to take pictures of your favorite cars. In addition, the configurations you can use to modify your photos are more extensive than most photo modes that are included in other games. It is very easy to get lost in the world of Scapes, but that is not bad in any way.

The last element of gran tourism 7 that really unites all the game comes with your selection of music. GT7 The soundtrack combines new versions of classical music with jazz easy to listen to create a cozy atmosphere. Music in great tourism has always been one of my favorite components and gt7 only keep checking this.

gran Turismo 7 is the game that the series fanatics have been applying for years. Although what is here is not drastically different in format compared to some of the previous delivery, the general experience that gran tourism 7 provides is incredibly complete and it feels like a letter of love so much to the culture of the automobile and at age 25 of history of great tourism franchise. If you are someone who has been playing these games since the days of the original PlayStation, gran Turismo 7 is definitely one of the high points of the series and it is worthwhile to resume it immediately.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

gran Turismo 7 will be launched at the end of this week on March 4 and will arrive both to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The editor provided a game copy of the game for the purpose of this review. The game itself was also reviewed on a PS5.

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