Gran Turismo 7 in the test: Graphic hammer comes to PS5

With Gran Turismo 7 (GT7), the first racing simulation for the PlayStation 5 – and the more than a year after release of the Next-Gen console. Racing fans had to wait for a long time. Reason enough to look more closely at the hood at GT7.

So much is betrayed: GT7 waits with some strengths and real innovations. However, the eighth title of the series also takes over a big weakness of its predecessors.

Gran Turismo 7 Graphics Comparison (PS5/PS4 Pro/PS4)

Eternal discussion topic: graphic

Let’s first come to a topic that fans employs almost all genres prior to the purchase of a game and occasionally cleaved to fan base: the graphic. Here Gran-Turismo fans have always been spoiled. The good news: GT7 has made a decent jump again.

This shows especially in mirror effects on the vehicles. Even without the new RayTracing technology, the degree of detail falls higher than GRAN TURISMO SPORT. RayTracing is used in GT7 for racing repeatments and photomodes (scapes). The technology calculates visible and non-visible light rays in real time. Light and shadow effects are even more realistic, for example, on the surfaces of a vehicle when it moves.

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