Big 3, which focused on mobile,

[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL AND INTRODUCTION] This year, Games Big 3, NCsoft, Nexon, Netmarble introduces a new work on multi-platforms, including mobile, PC, console. In particular, in the case of console, the domestic game market capability such as ‘Black Desert’ and ‘Terra’ is already proven. Big 3’s large IP-based games will be expected to generate new market.

According to the Games industry on the 29th, NCsoft will be in the console / PC title for a large-scale multi-adoption role game (MMORPG) ‘TL (Tsuron & Liberty, Throne and Liberty). In the fifth teaser image released by the segregation on the 14th, TL is showing a fantasy as a background, but it is known to share the world view with the ‘project E’ on the background. Yen is a new IP as an interactive movie, action battle royal, and collected RPG, and develops it as a multi-platform on the global market.

Nexon is preparing to launch ‘Hit 2 (HIT2)’ to mobile / PC multi-platform games. It will be released in 2015 and a worldview after the original mobile game that won the Korean game targets ‘Hit’. In particular, the key workforce that produced ‘hit’ and ‘overmits’ was aimed at developing a large-scale way to continue the RPG Success myth of Net Games.

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In addition, ‘Cartridifier: Drift’, ‘Arc Radars’, ‘Dunpa Dual (DNF Duel)’ is released on the pc platform for the year. It is a variety of genres such as racing, shooting, fighting.

Netmarble is also a mobile / PC multi-platform in the lineup that focused on mobile through its famous IP. First, the MMORPG ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ based on ‘Seven Knights’ released in 2014 is released on the first half of 2014. It is also planning to develop into a multi-platform MMORPG by participating in IP joint development with ‘Ascal Chronicles’ Season 2 with Studio Dragon.

In addition, ‘I am only Level Up “,’ Mabin of All: Meta World ‘,’ RF Project ‘, etc. are developed as mobile / PC multi platforms and will be released in the year..

◆ Large game, timing out of mobile saturation “Starting multi-platform from planning”

The reason for expanding the Big 3 to the Mobile, such as the Console, the PC such as the Console, PC, is the analysis of the timing that requires a low-level dependence on the existing mobile market and requiring new market creation.

The game industry official said, “As a result, the mobile game market is a large saturated state in Korea, the biggest challenges that Korean games are troubled for the current leap,” said the biggest challenge for the present, ” And the trend of diversifying in genre. “

In the past, as PC online, the terrain of growth and competition has changed, but the current game is looking for a new opportunity to attack the overseas market on a competition that has put on the mobile game market with a mobile game market.

Particularly, as compared to small and medium-sized game companies, large-scale games with development resources and power are expected to launch multiplatform development from the planning stage this year, and are expected to do various such as entering the console market.

Another official said, “From the planning stage to a multi-platform that is developed to a multi-platform that is developed to a multi-platform that is available to a multi-platform,” said a cross player in the middle of a game that is already developed, and the user of other platforms I explained that it is difficult. “

“Especially, the multi-platform has the advantage of being able to broaden the user pool, and the same is true, and the players of casual and the most popular genre are well combined, and the games are expected to expand from MMORPG to various genres.”

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