2022 is the biorce games gold tower “Postal” 25th anniversary! Memorial events such as new release and documentary released

Developer Running With Scissors has published a visual attention video of various commemorative events, which will be held in 2022 by the Biorce Games Gold Tower “ Postal ” series. Newly released from the release of documentary, card games and attractive events to the first dreamcast version are swank. Future schedule is as follows.

  • “Postal 4: No Regerts” has been released 1.0 for many major updates

  • Spin-off new work “Postal: Brain Damaged” released in May

  • Card game

  • “Postal 2” theme DLC for “ZACCARIA Pinball”

  • Documentary “Going Postal: The Legacy Foretold” released

  • Dreamcast version of the first “Postal” released in June

  • Release of new “Postal Fudge Pack”

  • Comic book

  • “Postal Redux” Soundtrack Record

  • More more

“Postal” series supported by many fans who are unreliable. I want you to attack a limily line from now on.

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