SSVG Velbert and Bocholt sovereign

The SSVG Velbert remains the measure of things in the Oberliga Niederrhein even after 19th game days. Already on Friday evening, the leaders presented against the cellar from Niederwenigern. Two hits from Hilger, who already met in the 4th minute from the rotation and later in passing two after a flank (70th), moved the sports friends to the tooth and handed the homeland to a final 2: 0 success. This could have been quite clearer with consequent opportunity recovery.

A gate more than the SSVG Velbert shot the 1st FC Kleve, which also presented itself in top form in the home game against Cronenberger SC. The hosts were immediately sound supply and could even struggle a spotted penalty – Rankl was fouled, Dragovic then failed to zecevic (20th). The game of the 1st FCK did not demolish this. After 32 minutes the time has come: Emmers presented for Rankk, which pushed the ball to the 1-0 for Kleve over the line. And the homely did not leave even loose. For about 20 minutes, she needed in the second pass to cope with the sack. Mouadden met centrally in the 55th minute, Klein-Wiele in the 68th minute to the 3-0 preliminary decision. Cronenberg, however, was not yet on and shortened by Pernes direct free-kick four minutes later. Ultimately, the hit for 1: 3 was no longer as a result cosmetics. For Kleve, which cemented its place among the top four, it was the fifth victory in series.

TVD wins in the Velbert derby

6. Spieltag: TVD Velbert - 1. FC Bocholt 3:3 (1:0)
The Velberter Derby went on Saturday afternoon as expected of the TVD Velbert, who decided the city duel in the initial phase. At first, however, the SCV had the opportunity to lead. The guests let two short distance possibilities be negligent. The punished the TVD in return. On the left Fagasinski brought the ball to the free Nonaka (10th), which made the net of short distance fiddling. A short quarter of an hour later fell number two for the home owners. Di Gaetano had an idea, Schubert-Abubakari and Kray were up and away. In two-against-one, Schubert-Abubakari had no effort to move the ball to Hemsing past 2: 0. The hosts had the momentum now on their side, but missed a higher break guide. The guests offensively beamed over wide routes of encounter only a little door of goals. At the overall impression nothing changed after halftime. The TVD had everything under control, made his possibilities to ensure clearer circumstances but unused. It remained until the final whistle, the guest player Ayinla (89th) due to an opportunity but no longer experienced in the field at 2: 0. The TVD underpins its place in the rise round by Derby victory. The SCV, however, continues to stick to the table end.

Meanwhile, the Sportfreunde Baumberg went through in the second Saturday game against the SC Union Nettetal several emotional worlds. Until half-time, it looked after a secure success of the homeland. SEZER (28.) and SARIKAYA (45.) caused a comfortable guided tour to the break. However, after the sideways, the mental state of the home owners only changed within five minutes, when Istrefi (48.) and Falter (50th) Union Nettetal brought back into play. The game was now on knife cutting edge and threatened to tilt for Baumberg. But then the sports lovers of Wolf (75th) benefited traffic lights. In order, the hosts brought the game home late. Sarikaya (89.) By penalty and he made in the fifth minute of the exam time for high emotion in Baumberg, which defends his fifth place.

ETB Food falls under the bar – Bocholt shows no floors

In the fight for the qualification for the rise round and the associated premature leaflet, the ETB black-white food has had to accept a hardness set. Against the Kellkind FSV Duisburg, the team of SUAT Tokat did not subdivide 0: 1. A momentous playback errors in the backman of the ETB did not even lead to the early and ultimately even two pointer revolution. Although the Essen showed in the episode strive, despite the high possession of the possession, the homeland did not succeed in playing compelling scoring chances. If the households then appeared in front of the guest box -How about Mohamed Cissé in Minute 78 -, the last precision and conviction in the conclusion was missing. Due to the scarce home defeat, the ETB transforms temporarily under the stroke, even because at the same time Turu Düsseldorf thanks to a 0: 0 draw against Ratingen 04/19 past the black and white past.

Meanwhile, the 1st FC Bocholt and VFB Hilden took Hilden sovereign victories at the top of the table. Bocholt hit the TV Jahn Hiesfeld at home with 3: 0 and thus remains Velberts’s pursuer number 1. Densely behind it the VFB is a Hilden. Although the tailor-eleven was difficult for the tailor-north, the tailor-eleven was long, but ultimately won clearly with 4: 1.

Sandnebeck and Monheim breathe on – certainty at the 1st FC Mönchengladbach

In the table in the table, the SPVG Sannebeck and the 1st FC Monheim were allowed to breathe. With 3: 0, Schonnebeck defeated the TSV Meerbusch and extends the upholstery to the red zone on six points. Also, Monheim won sovereign with 2: 0 at the DJK Teutonia St. Tönis and has therefore even seven points in place twelve.

Certainty in the relegation battle prevails on the 1st FC Mönchengladbach. After the narrow 2: 3 defeat in the FC Kray, the FCM with 15 points distance can no longer climb in the upper table half in the upper table half in four residual games and therefore determines as a participant in the upcoming relegation round.

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