The first details of chapter 83 of Attack on Titan are revealed

Attack on Titan brought new episodes as part of its fourth season earlier this year, and little by little they have been releasing more. After a decade in the air, the trip of Eren will finally be coming to an end and there are many things to be resolved before Hajime Isayama can let the series rest.

MANGA VS ANIME | Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 Episode 83 Pride Preview | MAPPA vs Manga

After a couple of weeks ago, the name is known for the chapter 83 of Attack on Titan , now we have its official synopsis and indeed, things already started to get more interesting:

“An army of Titans is advancing to take the world by surprise and destroy it. Did all soldiers and warriors see them let them go or do something about it? The feelings of two of those soldiers in the forest are already carved in st1. “

Of course, those who read the manga will already know exactly what they can expect from this chapter, but those who have only been following the animation, surely a great surprise awaits them.

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