LOL: Riot Renata Glascs urgent changes to end its tyranny

Renata Glasc recently debuted at League of Legends, but even Riot Games knows that his percentage of Victoria is already a problem. It is a support that has striking tools for the lower, with the possibility of avoiding the death of a partner and activating the ally fire.

If we take a look at Lolalytics, we find a champion that deserves adjustments. Especially in diamond and higher ranges, where she throws more than 53.7%. On the objects, the sample throws that, with more than 62,000 players played, Imperial mandate is important in its armament . It should be mentioned that the skill set of it demands communication, so it is normal not to see incredible numbers in ranges like Silver.

So looks for Riot Finish Tyranny of Renata Glasc in League of Legends

Under the previous context, but taking into account that it is still a problem at ELO ALTA, there are urgent nerfs on the way. League of Legends You will receive a Hot Fix soon with the intention of controlling the rise of the Baroness. Blake Smith shared the changes that will soon arrive at the lounge crack, explaining in detail.

Renata Glasc Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

Next you will find all the urgent nerfs for Renata Glasc. They will soon arrive at all League of Legends servers.

  • Basic Statistics: Low level armor of 4 to 3.5
  • Passive: Damage reduction in both blows from 1-5% to 1-3%. It will stop climbing from level 11. The percentage of improvement is maintained at each level, but will not continue increasing from a certain point.
  • W: Augmentation increase of 28-20 seconds at 28-24. Loss of HP loss will be 2.5 seconds instead of 3. Life with which the ally revives from 35% to 20%.

The three points for leveling are their base statistics, their passive and their financial rescue (W). About the first thing, Smith explains that he will be reduced because the armor by him was high for him. The Advantage of Him was very strong at ELO ALTA due to its optimization of use. The solution seeks to deal with both with its scaling as a percentage of damage. Finally, the W should not be so annoying for rivals that are by claiming dying players, besides not having a very short cooling.

Riot Game seizures that Nerfs help calm their increase in a percentage of victories. It will subtract see how the high ELO is coupled to the news of the Baroness, which is already one of the strongest supports.

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