A collaboration event with “Near Automata” will be held at Hakusura ARPG “Babylons Fall”. Costumes such as 2B and 9S

Square Enix announced that it was decided to hold a collaboration event with NIER: Automata (NIA Automata) in the Online Action RPG “Babylon’s Fall” scheduled to be released next month on February 23.

“Babylon’s Fall” is an online-only cooperative play-enabled action RPG that Square Enix and Platinum Games jointly develop. Hack & slash element-based gameplay, player is a warrior, chiff instrument (Sentinel) who is a special brace called Gideon Coffin, and a huge column babylon that huge heritage will sleep Aim for the capture of

The collaboration event with the “Near Automata” announced this time is scheduled to be held for a limited time in the season 1 of this work described later. A costume with an image of 2B, 9S, A2, commander, and operator appearing in the same work is prepared, and player characters can be wrapped and played with them. Furthermore, it is possible to dye the world of “Near Automata” but to the bases and quests and enemies.

“Near Automata” is the same as “Babylon’s Fall”, and Square Enix and Platinum Games are tagged, and it is an action RPG developed with Yoko Otaro. Very high evaluations and just have the 5th anniversary of the release today.

In the screenshot published this time, it is only possible that the main family has only handed out, and the costume of the character’s character is clearly reproduced. A brasswork filter that represents a touch-like touch like an oil painting is also a highlight that it is finished in a visual unique to this work.

The season 1 trailer of this work was also released to meet this announcement. “Babylons Fall” is operated in a season of about three months and a large-scale update is implemented every season. Season 1 “Kuon’s Giant Tower” is scheduled to open from February 25, which will be delivered for the PS4 / PS5 prior trial version.

In the trailer, the content delivered to the season 1 is disconnected and discontinued. First of all, as a new quest, “Gauntlet” will be added to compete with “Duel” specialized in battle with powerful bosses, and the score of special stages in the ranking form. Both will become quests to spread the width of the play.

In addition, “Morzam” as a new race is also added. The burning lava cave is called a hole of a macro on root castle. In addition, weapons “Great Ax” of a wool system specialized for attacks are also added.

“Babylon’s Fall” is scheduled to be released on March 3, PS4 / PS5 version on March 3rd. Users who purchased the “Digital Deluxe Edition” or “Collector’s Edition” as Early Access, PS4 / PS5 Version from 18:00 on PS4 / PS5, PC It will be able to play work. Also, a preceding trial version for PS4 / PS5 is distributed at 18:00 on February 25.

In addition, the official live broadcast of this work will be delivered from 22:00 on February 23. Development by development teams, the actual machine play of the game mode “Duel” delivered in season 1 is shown.

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