The E-Sports Community of Rainbow Six Victories criticizes Ubisoft for the Major of the UAE

Members of the competitive Rainbow Six Siege community have developed developers Ubisoft following his announcement for the next year by Rainbow Six Esports, which revealed that the United Arab Emirates would host the second major Major of the season 2022-23.

On the last day of Six Invitational 2022, at which TSM won his first SI title and won the famous proposal hammer trophy, the excitement was destroyed by quite a disappointment after becoming known that the VAE was selected as host country for a rainbow Six victories -Event. The criticism stems from the anti-LGBT laws of the UAE, many of which fear that they endanger safety or exclude certain members of the victory community, including well-known casters and linen talents.

Why Hosting A R6 Major In the UAE Is Terrible...

The LGBT Equality Index of Equaldexdas countries classifies the United Arab Emirates to LGBTQ + Persons, ranging the United Arab Emirates as the third-winning country of the world, which is only about Afghanistan and the dataless North Korea. The Spartacus Gay Travel Index for 2021 a similar ranking system that measures “the legal situation and living conditions for members of the Queen Community” in different destinations, the UAE arrives in 195 from 202 countries and territories.

Ubisoft employees have also expressed their disappointment that the developer has decided to align an event in the United Arab Emirates. A narrative author and a user-experi-designer that both work on victories, describe it as “a blow in the face”.

Many believe that the decision of Ubisoft, for a major to go to the UAE, violates his recent efforts to increase the visibility of marginalized and under-represented groups, which also belongs that Flores, the first open gay operator of victories, last year was included in the game.

In addition to the criticism in social media a petition now circulates Ubisoft to find a new host for the major. At the time of writing, the petition has received more than 2,000 signatures.

Due to the counter-reaction, many expect Ubisoft to retire and move the Major, including twice the winner of the Six Invitational, Fabian, Fabian ‘.

What do you think when UBI announces today that you have laid the Major of the VAE? I find it crazy that a blog post says we go to a country where these laws go live, while we play a monument to the careful man who ever had our scene. Our talent list got a blow in the face. Support them.

  • Fabian Hällsten (@fabianhalest) 21. February 2022

So far, Ubisoft has not expressed himself to the criticism of the VAE-Major. The PC Player 24 has asked Ubisoft for a commentary on the community response to yesterday’s announcement.

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