Lol: Kanye Wests current enemy who is banned in the game and nobody knows why

League of Legends is being one of the most played titles of the whole year, thanks especially to its enormous competitive ecosystem related to rankeds, although it is true that there is also room for those who simply want to have fun with the ARAMS and the ARURFS. However, there is a higher level regarding the scope of competence that is available every so often and that many struggle to win at least once, the Clash. This competitive system focused on amateur was implemented by Riot Games a few years ago to give a much more “serious” approach to players who do not have such a large level to become professionals.

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But the news in question is not the arrival of the Clash, but a curious ban inside him own mode and that in truth does not make much sense since it is something that does not interfere with the game itself. It is about the ban of a name that is pretty fashionable today and that has nothing to do with League of Legends: Pete Davidson . This has been commented by the user “Threeleggy” through a post in Reddit.

For those who do not know, Pete Davidson is a comedian and American actor that over the past few weeks he has given much to talk about because of his Romance with Kim Kardashian and his “enmity” with the Rapper Kanye West Following this. Counting the context and situation of the actor, we still keep asking why Riot Games has decided to prohibit the name of him since practically no other name has been prohibited as the name of the Clash.

It will be necessary to see what is happening finally with all this, but is extremely strange that a name related to the world of the heart becomes forbidden in a mob, two different concepts that does not even make sense to talk about this.

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