Gran Turismo 7: Rennspiel

Gran Turismo 7 feels like a big comeback, although the series never really did a break.

The key data

  • Genre: racing game
  • Developer: Polyphony Digital
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4
  • USK approval: from 0 years
  • Multiplayer: Online up to 20 players, split screen mode for two players
  • Release: 4. March

Finally a real Gran Turismo!

Gran Turismo 6 has now over eight years on the hump. The racing game appeared in December 2013 and although at the time the PlayStation 4 was just freshly launched, it was still a pure PS3 title. Does Developer Polyphony Digital Digital The PS4 era Skip, if Part 7 only appears this year, where the successor console is long at the start? No. On the one hand, GRAN TURISMO 7 is still for the old hardware, on the other hand, we have served 2017 Gran Turismo Sport. But the name is already clear: this is a spin-off, which has focused on multiplayer. He lacked a real individual game campaign for his release. Those was submitted two months later by free update, but it has been significantly Spartan than the career modes of its predecessors.

Gran Turismo 7 now sets a return to the back, for which so many fans love the series: this time there is again the classic single game campaign. And the word “classic” goes here in duplicate, because the new part returns the world map menu, which we last seen in Gran Turismo 4 on the PlayStation 2. About that map you get into the different areas of the campaign that leave nothing to be desired.

From the family coach to the sports scarf

Of course, many competitions await you in Gran Turismo 7, including the well-known representatives such as the Sunday Cup and even long-distance races. Unlike In Forza Horizon 5, where you will be overwhelmed directly at the start of the game with fast cart, you will start with slow car in the Sony exclusive title and worked up the career ladder step by step. In the beginning you do not even have enough credits for a new car. So you look past the user owner, whose offer is updated regularly and where you can certainly make one or the other really good bargains in the later gameplay.

How that belongs, you can do your cars in Gran Turismo 7 in a variety of ways. There are tens of upgrades to install and if you think you are well dealing with the mechanics of a motor vehicle, you even take all kinds of fine adjustments. In addition, you may paint your vehicle and create your own sticker. So what can not be missing in a racing game today. Who believes not to have creative veins, or simply want to spend his playing time on the track than spend in the editor, just use the designs of other players.

Gran Turismo 7 also offers all the features that have become trademarks of the series. These include, for example, the licensing tests that you have to get access to higher-class racing events and the “GT Auto” mode in which you can make oil change and car washes. Completely new is the so-called “GT Café”. Here you can expect menu cards that each include several tasks and over which your new cars unlock.

A circumferential monster

The career alone seems to be quite extensive, but this also applies to Gran Turismo 7 in general. The singleplayer can only be captivated for a long time if there are enough cars and routes. No one would finally just want to drive tens of hours about the same ten slopes, no matter how beautiful they are. Luckily, Polyphony Digitally stoods digital at this point. You expect 34 racing venues that have put together 97 route layouts. The fleet consists of over 400 cars of more than 60 manufacturers. That can be seen.

In addition, the developers have already announced that further vehicles and routes will be submitted with future updates – and free of charge. So it looks like there would be no paid DLCs exactly as in the case of Gran Turismo sports – apart from the fact that you can safely unlock the cars for real money if you do not want to build you. This is also possible with GT sport.

Also multiplayer fans come at their expense

Speaking of GT Sport: so much Gran Turismo 7 also seems to focus on the career, the multiplayer still plays a big role again. Basically, the new part makes the spin-off obsolete, because its “sport” mode is integrated here. So if you want to deny online races with up to 19 other drivers, for which there is a clear rules (to suppress the remedies and Co), and to participate in official ESPORTS competitions, you will get in GT7 fully on your Costs. Of course, private races with friends are also possible.

On top of that, the splits screen mode returns. Yes, Read correctly: Gran Turismo 7 allows you to take on a console Rennduelle. Although more than two players are not supported, but at least there is a local multiplayer mode. So what is no longer in very many racing games that are not either Mario Kart emerging or equal to the Nintendo original.

Between realism and accessibility

Playfully, Gran Turismo 7 with Mario Kart has absolutely nothing together, apart from the fact that in both cases it is mostly about who is the first to go through the finish line. But because GT7 is a racing simulation, there are no blue tanks or banana shells that bring you to victory. It depends purely on the driver. Anyone who wants to be properly demanded and want to have full realism scraping, turns off all the driving aids and plays with a steering wheel. But thanks to those help, beginners will have their fun and their cars can guide you wonderfully with the dualSense controller (in the case of the PS5 version mind you) to guide the curves. Of course, Gran Turismo 7 also uses its features, ie the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers, fully. The 3D audio of the PlayStation 5 is also used and should make the races even more and more. As a result, you may not even look into the mirrors to see if someone just tries to overtake because you can already hear that.

Technically, Gran Turismo 7 is likely to be a delicacy on the PS5 anyway. Although Raytracing is only available in repetitions and photomodes, but not during the actual gameplay, the title trumps with enormously detailed vehicle models and a realistic weather simulation. For rain races, dynamic puddles are on the track and some places are less wet than others. Even the clouds are not static. However, there will not be on all courses of rain or dynamic weather and day / night change, which is already a small damper.

The future of racing game-ki

One of the most exciting aspects of Gran Turismo 7 will not give it directly to the launch. It has not been long ago that Sony and Polyphony Digital presented the new KI called “Gran Turismo Sophy”. This is a technology based on Machine Learning and to initiate the next generation of racing game KIS, so to speak. Michael Spranger, the COO of Sony Ai, says that Sophy is a KI agent, “who has learned to drive even on a very competitive level, and capable of keeping with the best drivers in the world.”

Already in July 2021 she first joined a team of four of the best “Gran Turismo” players in the world that had no chance against them in solo period races. With the right duels on the track, it looked different, but it was eagerly screwed on the Ki and on a second race day in October last year, most of the human riders looked against her old. When Sophy will hold in Gran Turismo 7 collection is not known. If you ever replace the normal Ki in the career mode, some adjustments will certainly be needed, especially several levels of difficulty. Nobody wants to despair at the Sunday Cup.


Polyphony has undoubtedly delivered a good racing game for the PS4 with Gran Turismo sport, but primarily for multiplayer fans. Solo players stayed more or less on the track. Gran Turismo 7 will now wait for the latter for many years. As a successor to part 6, of course, it makes a huge leap forward, which relates to the graphic. Even if there is no pure PS5 title, it looks good for biting.

The Closest You Can Get To Gran Turismo 7

But as for cars also applies here: It not only depends on the exterior. In terms of scope and features, we do not worry about that Gran Turismo 7 will not satisfy the fans. Yes, a four and a half years old Forza Motorsport 7 has again had more than 300 cars in his basic version, but the fleet of GT7 can still be more than seen. Above all, however, the extensive career mode is likely to come across a lot of love and who likes to go online, gets more or less the same package as with Gran Turismo Sport. The only concern that we still do is the question of how well the Ki will be. Which does not uncommon in racing games as stumbling block and until you can compete against Sophy, should still pass some time. All possible to use in Gran Turismo 8 in a full extent anyway, and who knows if it will be in the PS5 generation. Pre-order Gran Turismo 7!

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