FIFA 22, date and list of rewards for exchanges icons 2

Icons exchanges are back with season 2 of this event, discover the list of players, reward packs as well as the start date of this event on the mode was FIFA 22. As a reminder, exchanges icons are regular goals. On was, allowing icon cards in exchange for tokens obtained via goals. We list here all the rewards of this second season Swaps icons as well as some tips for choosing players and packs.

Updated : Update from Monday, February 21 at 2am. This article will be updated when you know the criteria to get the chips.

Note that only the first part of the event exchange icons 2 (only 9 tokens) is present at the launch, you will have to wait for the second part to get the other chips.

List of players and rewards exchanges icons 2

We have already known for a few days that among this first part of the icons 2 exchanges, you will have to play with a 100% silver team and other challenges in different leagues and nations. These games will normally be played by team clash or rival, while other goals should be related to the friendly fashionable fashionable and was champions.

In addition, a list of rewards would have already led:

* A Pack 81+ x 25 for 2 chips
* A 82+ x 25 Pack for 3 Tokens
* A Pack 83+ x 25 for 5 chips
* Mid Henry for 6 chips
* Xavi premium for 7 chips
* Premium Icon Pack for 8 Tokens
* Stoichkov premium for 9 chips
* Mid / Prime 91+ Icon Pack for 10 Tokens
* Gerrard moments for 10 chips
* Prime Cafu for 11 chips

  • Play Player Player Mid or Prime Icon for 12 Tokens
  • Pack icon premium 92+ for 13 chips
  • Pack Choice Players Base or Mid for 14 chips
  • Pack Choice Player Icon Premium for 15 Tokens
  • Players pack prime or 92+ moments for 16 chips
  • Garrincha Prime for 17 chips

As a reminder, there will be only 9 tokens available on Monday, February 21 at 7pm. You will probably wait at the end of March or early February to get the 9 additional tokens.

Tips for exchange icons 2

For the moment, we do not know the criteria to get the different chips. This section will be updated as soon as the challenges are published.

What awards choose?

On FIFA 21, the best rewards were usually 80+ x 25 card packs as well as choices players icons . It all depends on the opening timing and your needs. If your training is still a little weak, card packs to open during a good event could totally change the dynamics of your team. Better, a perfect timing is usually a week when a good Totw is in the packs and a good promo team.

With regard to icons choices, these are dear to potentially choose between several not terrible cards. However, they are generally more profitable than a choice on a specified player since few cards are really interesting this season. In addition, you will have to wait several weeks to get the second part of the chips for the best cards, decreasing a little more the interest of each card. Prime Cafu is an excellent choice but you will not get the card only by the end of March / early April…

So, save your 80+ x 25 packs for large events (the current RTTF promo is ideal given the number of cards in the packs) and choose icons only if you intend to use them in the long run.

Date of exchange icons 2

The first part of exchange icons 2 (9 tokens) starts on Monday, February 21 at 19h. This first part should last six weeks, before the objectives change with the arrival of the second part. Other events exchange icons will follow during the season until FIFA’s release 23.

So much for information about icon exchanges 2, whose start date, objectives and rewards for fashion was FIFA 22. You can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on Icon Pack.

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