How to unlock new redefinitions in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the last adventure for Elo, which sends our main character into an unknown land with strange creatures. As in Horizon Zero Dawn, the credentials are required for each of these creatures to override before an eloe will be able to learn how to manage them. That’s how an elo can capture more monsters in his journey in the second year.

Players can access more redefinitions, finding and completing boilers in Horizon Forbidden West . Boilers are extensive mechanical structures with a series of platformer puzzles that end with a powerful battle with a machine boss. As soon as these towers are built, Eloe will receive keys to control other machines at the forbidden West.

Look for icons like shown below to find the boiler in the open world. Be sure to check the level of boilers before you explore them, since higher-level boilers can represent too serious a threat to elo with a low level.

While some machines instantly open to override, performing boilers, other robots, such as Plowhorn, require more work. To get the opportunity to override these creatures, you need to get a number of objects from the world, often parts of the beast. You can check which details are necessary for the key of override, on the production terminal at the ELA operational base. This object opens as part of the main story.

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