Workshim new work “Road Maintenance Simulator” Teaser video to develop German roads!

Aerosoft and Caipirinha Games has released the teaser video of the new work simulator “ Road Maintenance Simulator ” focused on road equipment.

Germany is in the stage of the stage, with a variety of roads such as highways, trunk roads, and country roads, and removing the road repair and removal of safety barriers, pruning and cleaning of trees.

  • 30 missions deployed on highways and trunk roads

  • Road network that can drive freely

  • Stopping within walking distance with vehicles and materials warehouses

Road Construction [PART 1] - FS 17 Gameplay (game pc)
* Bulldozer, all-purpose cars, road marking construction machinery, 8 kinds of road maintenance vehicles such as dump cars

  • Securing work areas, removal of safety barriers, installation of trees, cleaning guard racing, cleaning of roads, installation of roads, installation of road signs, installation of traffic signs, installation of guard rails, and installation of tray

  • Multiple objects for securing and achieving missions

Road Maintenance Fan Attention “Road Maintenance Simulator” is scheduled to be released on the 2022 Easter (April 17) in Windows (STeam) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox ONE.

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