Lost Ark: How to get a frustrated emote

In Lost Ark, players can get a large number of different emotes, many of which are needed to complete some of the main quests of the game, do not ask us why. After this is said, we will now tell you how to get the frustrated emote in SmileGate RPGS record-sensitive action MMO-RPG Lost Ark.

How to get the frustrated emote in Lost Ark

You can learn the frustrated emote in Lost ARK by completing the Roster Quest “The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation, which is available on Toto Silver Island, an area directly under the island of Pleccia. As soon as you are on the island, you can trigger the quest by talking to the Toto Oldest. After talking to the NPC, you only have to follow the instructions to complete the quest. After completing the quest, you can learn the emote by opening your inventory and read the appropriate book. To summarize it again, find out how to get the frustrated emote in Lost Ark.

  • Go to Toto Silver Island. Located just below the island of Pleccia.
  • Say with the toto-oldest and dissolve the quest “The dream of Totoikis: Creation”.

  • Complete the quest series and get the emote: frustrated book.
  • Open your inventory and interact with the book to learn the gesture.

How to get Frustrated Emote Lost Ark
Now, since you know where and how you get the frustrated emote in Lost Ark, do not forget to see how you can quickly rise in the game, as well as the exact position of many of its world bosses, such. B. Wili-Wili, Signatus and Casrick.

You can play at present Lost Ark exclusively on Steam. For those who want to start their journey with a small extra, you can also get the first batch of Amazon Prime Gaming rewards that contain a good amount of early game items by signing up in your account and claiming them.

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