The Elder Scrolls Online: PvP

Uses the stormy weekend and take on “white planked carnty”, the PVP event in The Elder Scrolls online.

From the upcoming LEI DLC “Ascending Tide” also introduces a real crook.

ESO | PvP Magicka Nekromanten Build! (Scalebreaker)

White plank slaughter PVP event

With “white plank carnival” in the game currently runs a large PVP event. By 01 March, at 16:00, players with their allies together can use comprehensive bonuses both on alliance points as well as experience and also get unique rewards when they are at the different PVP activities.

All other details about participation and rewards can be read here.

And for those who need new or still need some help in the PVP, there are now helpful new community guides.

Character performance: Jakarn

What comes out if you have a seductive attitude, a urge to adventure and the desire for treasures combined? Shipyard in the latest character idea a closer look at one of the most infamous and at the same time devilically charming crooks: the stunning Jakarn!

Jakarn get to know “Ascending Tide” in the coming LEI DLC, which appears on March 14 for PC / Mac and Stadia and March 29 for Xbox and PlayStation. All further information can be read here.

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