Relay: the tactical RPG will have its demo playable on February 25

To believe that the release date of Elden Ring has not yet been well integrated by everyone, because after Babylon’s Fall is relaying who chose on February 25 to publish his playable demo.

Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games Releasing on February 2022
Certainly, with or without the sofa of FromSoftware, relay will anyway be one of the most niche games of this beginning of the year. Only announced on PS5 and PS4, this tactical RPG developed by the studio of God Wars leads us in spatial battles in turn between the terrestrial forces and those of an invader who only swears through the annihilation of our civilization.

The playable demo will test the first 2 chapters of history as well as 12 missions of the combat simulator, largely what to get an idea of ​​the tactical part but also the narrative in Visual Novel format. Players will be able to store experience up to level 30 (in 300) before transferring their backup into the full game when it is available anywhere in the world on March 24th.

Recall that relay will be entitled to locations in French, Italian, German and Spanish, but only in a free update that will be available later.

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