Physical operation puzzle “IDEA” trailer that rolls and moves in a live-action alarm video! Lets deliver your idea to the world

Developer The Longest Road has released the trailer of the physical operation puzzle game “ IDEA ” that rolls up the map of live-action availability video.

This work is an inspired game from the Drone Available Image Works with Finland’s Video Writer Olli Huttunen. A player’s idea expressed in a white light bulb is delivered to the world while rolling the 4K landscape video taken by HUTTUNEN.

  • A number of award-winning video writers can be searched for 4K beautiful scenery with a drone, and can be searched without load time between screens.

  • When an idea expressed by a white light bulb is issued, the screens hard edge are bounced and stacked sometimes.

  • One screen is only twice, and a truncated light bulb is taken out and traveled.

  • Sharing the idea: If the light bulb does not reach the end of the screen, leave the message to that location and other players who passed nearby can be viewed.

  • Save your favorite ideas and see how many people saved their ideas.

  • A new icon to be used for messages is unlocked when you get the track record of Steam.

  • If the light bulb is still moving when the music is over, the destination arrival will be reached and the visual art of the gallery is partially unlocked.

this was a bad idea..

“Idea” that the mind is likely to be calm is scheduled to be distributed to Windows.

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