Celebrate Lunar New Year with PAC

Celebrate Lunar New Year with these money bag dumplings that represent good fortune l GMA

Pac-man is one of those emblematic franchises that does not need to be presented. We can all recognize this little hungry yellow circle, but can we always recognize it in an imitractor wig of Elvis? The signs indicate yes, but Wow is funny. Bataille pac-man mega tunnel is a timed exclusivity stadia that allows you to play against up to 64 other players, to invade their labyrinths to steal their business and dress up your little half-circle hungry of a ton of cute outfits. Better yet, they have just announced a new DLC pack that adds a ton of new elements to the game. Forget to be the last Pac-man standing – Be the most SNAZZI Pac-Man standing.

The new DLC pack available on stadia includes 20 lunar New Year and Galaga – accessories on the theme, 10 player icons and 2 labyrinth themes. Not bad for its requested price of £ 3.99. The press release reports that accessories include “glasses, hats and outfits of adorable animals”, which is honestly the best thing. Can you imagine Pac-Man in small ram horns or tiger’s ears? We can of course, and it’s so cute that we could just eat it. And in a game where the spectators can vote on power-ups, kindness is a valid tactic. Everything is right in love, war and pac-man, we guess!

We have just celebrated pac-man 40th anniversary with a variety of fun crosses, an addition to the Comic-Con Temple of the Comic-Con and a perfect game of pac-man __ played live on Twitch. Where will the frank then go? We do not know, but the crossed fingers, these are more cute costumes for Pac-Man. Or, better still, the Ghosts. Ghost mini dress up game! When will Bandai Namco give us what we really want?

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