Xbox Game Pass: Tasks February 2022. How to get free more than 1500 rewards points

The month of February is the shortest of the year , we barely have 28 days to play everything that the Game Pass offers us. Now, if you have to be selective, it is best to focus on those games that will give us points through the Microsoft Rewards program. Points that we can redeem for free games, subscriptions to the Game Pass and Juicy Gift Checks.

As every month, at LIFEOXTRA We have gathered all the monthly tasks that are offered from the Xbox Game Pass app on the same site and, already posts, We indicate how to solve them in the most efficient way . If you stay hooked to any of the games that are part of progress, what you take.

At stake: More than 1500 Rewards points, which is not little. If we add those who get weekly, when getting achievements and making purchases you will have an interesting discount and up to a gift game on your next purchase. Well that.

All monthly tasks will be active until next February 28, but half can have it in a couple of days if you follow our advice. If nmore delay, all the tasks of February 2022 of Xbox Game Pass and how to solve them.

Reminder: Get 10 points every day in less than a minute

Every month we remind you and this will not be the exception:

  • Only by starting a game included in the game Pass of Xbox, PC or Cloud you will get 5 points of Rewards.
  • And if you also open the Xbox Game Pass mobile application you will get 5 additional points.

If you run a cloud game from the mobile you take out the 10 diários rewards in a Santiamen and in both cases you will need it to get the weekly tasks.

Game Pass Explorer

  • Objective: Play 4 Game Game Different Pass
  • Reward: +10 Rewards points

The tip: Opens four games any games in Game Pass from console, cloud or PC. What’s more, you do not need to start a game: it is enough that the Game Pass logo on the screen appears.

Adventurer of the Game Pass

  • Objective: Play 10 Game Game Pass Different
  • Reward: +25 Rewards points

THE TIP: Install ten different titles that are included in the Game Pass and start a game in each game. You will not need to start playing, as it is enough to see the Loo of the Game Pass on the screen. If you open them from the cloud on console or PC you have it in less than 5 minutes.

Commitment to tasks

  • Objective: Complete 12 daily tasks and 12 weekly tasks this month
  • Reward: +100 Rewards points

The Council: Play every day at a Game Pass title and complete the weekly tasks. It is completed automatically and is as simple as it sounds. Also, if you install the Xbox app on your mobile and you open it daily you will have removed the first part in six days.

Task Full

  • Objective: Complete 45 daily tasks and 15 weekly tasks this month
  • Reward: +1000 Rewards points

The Council: The biggest prize is simple to obtain, but requires a minimum of perseverance. Yes, it requires that you get used to two tasks: Open a game of the Game Pass every day and open the mobile app daily. Of course, it will not take you or two minutes a day and the reward is quite high.

Rookie of tasks

  • Objective: Complete 4 weekly tasks
  • Reward: +10 Rewards points

The advice: It takes the weekly tasks up to date, initiating session on your mobile or playing a game of Game Pass and you will be able to remove it in just two days.

Game Pass games anywhere

  • Objective: Install 5 games with the mobile application Game Pass
  • Reward: +25 Rewards points

The tip : 25 easy points: Opens the Game Pass app on your mobile, choose five games and, from the options, give it to the Install button. Moreover, you do not need to complete the installation.

Apprentice tasks

  • Objective: Complete 8 weekly tasks
  • Reward: +25 Rewards points

How to Earn Microsoft Rewards Points on Xbox, PC & Mobile - Free Game Pass, Gift Cards, Robux, DLC

The Tip: Complete two tandas of weekly tasks based on opening the mobile app or an Xbox Game Pass game. There are not many points, but achieving them is as simple as it sounds.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

  • Objective: Get 100 away from running walls in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to earn rewards points
  • Reward: 75 points of Rewards

The advice: Start a game or return to one that you have started and approximately a wall or surface that allows you to run supporting you without touching the ground (Wallrun). It advances 100 meters or repeats the process on the same surface until reaching that figure.

Madden NFL 21 [Exclusive for Game Pass Ultimate]

  • Objective: Play Madden NFL 21 to earn rewards points. Exclusive for Members of Game Pass Ultimate
  • Reward: +25 Rewards points

THE TIP: A very simple task. Install Madden NFL 21 and start the game. In a matter of seconds you will see how the notification indicates that you have completed the objective. Of course, this task is exclusive for members of Game Pass Ultimate.

Sniper Elite 4

  • Objective: Kill 2 ghosts at Sniper Elite 4 to get rewards points
  • Reward: +75 Rewards points

The Council: A simple but very badly explained task. It will be enough to get two stealth deaths, which requires a couple of eliminations without being detected by the enemy. If you do not know the game, a new game begins and you will achieve it in the first five minutes of tutorial.

Aragami 2.

  • Objective: Delete 2 enemies in Aragami 2 to earn rewards points. Play in Cloud Gaming or download on Console.
  • Reward: +75 REWARD POINTS

The advice: If you already have a starting game, you should not take too much and the best thing is that you can fulfill it by playing in the cloud. Basically you must eliminate two enemies. Something you can do from the tutorial itself.

NIER: Automata Beche As Gods Edition

  • Objective: Complete 1% Intel in Nier: Automate To earn Rewards points. Play in Cloud Gaming or download on Console.
  • Alternative goal: kidnapping 1 mate in Nier: Automate To earn Rewards points. Play in Cloud Gaming or download on Console.
  • Reward: +75 REWARD POINTS

The advice: The simplest way is to bet on the first objective, which is to advance in history, and the Intel is obtained automatically. If you have the game at 100% you can start a new game, although you may end up betting on the second goal.

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