UEFA report: about seven billion euros loss for club football by pandemic

The effects of the Corona Pandemic come to the European football expensive to stand. In the seasons 2019/20 and 2020/21, the clubs had to accept total revenue losses of seven billion euros, as evidenced by the current report UEFA for club licensing. The pandemic therefore affects “all levels and areas of football”.

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For the most part of the losses, as expected, the failures of ticket sales are responsible, which are 4.4 billion euros or more. The revenue from entry grounds made only almost two percent of the revenue of European clubs in the pandemic period – before it had been 16 percent.

The transfer revenues also fell in the removable windows in the summer of 2020, in January 2021 and in the summer of 2021 by more than 40 percent. On the other hand, the player’s salaries at the top clubs rose by two percent during the pandemic. As the UEFA announced further, the European first divisions in the financial year 2020 generated an operational loss (1.013 billion euros) for the first time since the Financial FairPlay (since 2010). The figures of the early reporting clubs for 2021 confirm this trend.

UEFA determined the numbers from over 700 clubs presented financial data. After the net losses of the first divisions in the financial year 2020 had around three billion euros, they will reach four billion euros in the financial year 2021. As positive findings, the Continental Association notes that, for example, supporting owners or revenues from international TV rights and UEFA club competitions remained at a high level.

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“This report provides annual details about the challenges that come to us after the pandemic,” said UEFA President Aleksander Cefer: “But he also shows the remarkable robustness and resilience of European football with his uniform approach. Ultimately, the pandemic becomes us only get stronger. “

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