“Horse Racing Legend Series” Long-awaited Renewal Horse Racing Simulation Game “Horse Racing Legend Pride” This spring delivery decision! Prior registration campaign also started from today!

GAYA Co., Ltd. Introduces the Horse Racing Simulation Game “Horse Racing Legend Pride”, which is the sixth of the Series, and the Horse Racing Simulation Pride, which has adopted a new game system, is announced this spring this spring. Today’s official site is also open. And the pre-registration campaign also started. In the pre-registration campaign, it is said that all members will be presented at the start of service according to the number of registrants.

GAYA (Head office: Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Representative Director, President: A Horse Racing Legend) A Horse Racing Simulation Game “Horse Racing Legend Pride”, a new game system, which is the sixth, App Store and Google Play We will inform you about driving this spring. Today’s official site is also open.

And a pre-registration campaign also started. In the pre-registration campaign, all registered rewards will be presented at the start of service.

# Horse Racing Legend PRIDE│ Game Introduction

“Horse Racing Legend Pride” adopts a completely different game system with the previous series.

Players aim at the strongest stables by winning successive normals and active best stings.

# # Rich Race Horse Lineup

A lot of popular racing horses appear in the game, such as Legend Hose such as Deep Impact and Toukai Teio, Grand Alegria, which achieved a complete conquest, and the first G1 conquering as Hakushima, and the first G1 conquest, etc. More than 500 racehorses will participate in the war. Also after the release, active horses will be added regularly.

Simple Operation 3D Racing Game

The player challenges the race with the race of Ama as a jockey. Even if you are not good at action games, you can enjoy a powerful horse racing race with a simple operation that only taps taps.

# # Development system

Joining a racehorse is just placing a racehorse card in a stable and going to a race. There is no need for troublesome training. Special training and limit breakthrough, ability to acquire abilities can also significantly increase their ability. Get the strongest stables and aim for the strongest stables to win the normal horses and the active duty of the successive generations!

# Horse Racing Legend Pride | Pre-registration Campaign

Prior to the delivery of “Horse Racing Legend Pride”, pre-registration campaigns also started today. In addition to App Store, Google Play, you can register in Twitter, LINE, FACEBOOK, and email address. Depending on the number of registrations, all luxurious rewards such as “Horseshoe” and S rank GaCa tickets will be presented to every1. For details, please check the “Horse Racing Legend Pride” official site.

# “Horse Racing Legend Pride” Official Twitter

We also opened the official Twitter of “Horse Racing Legend Pride” from today. The latest game information and campaign information on “Horse Racing Legend Pride” will also be delivered in the future. Please check it by all means.

“Horse Racing Legend Pride” Official Site: https:/pride.k-den.jp
“Horse Racing Legend Pride” Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/pride_kden

# PV released

The teaser PV of “Horse Racing Legend Pride” has also been released today. We introduce a large number of normals of the successive in the “Horse Racing Legend Pride”, such as Deep Impact, Almond Eye, Oglic Cap, in PV. Please take a look.

“Horse Racing Legend Pride” 1st PV: https: //youtu.be/cx2HR4-N5HK

Product Summary

[Title name] Horse Racing Legend Pride [Start of service] Spring 2022 (scheduled) [Genre] [Genre] AppStore® and GooglePlay® [Compatible OS] iOS: 12.0 or higher Recommended by Android: 2G or more recommended: Memory 2G ] Monthly free, some item charges [official site] https://pride.k-den.jp/ ■ Copyright notation: © gaya.co.ltd. ※ “AppStore®” is a trademark of AppleInc. ※ “Google Play®” is a trademark of Google LLC.

About # # GAYA

Corporate name: GAYA company URL: https://www.gaya-corp.jp/ Established: November 19, 2010 Capital Capital: 75 million yen settlement date: March 31 representative Director: Sakai Atsushi: 〒220 Mirai 2-2-1 Yokohama City Nishi Ward 38F Business Description: Social Games Planning, Development and Operating Tablet / PC / Smartphone Business App Development Web / App Design, Building, Development

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