Deals for the weekend: PS5 memory extension, dualsense

You want to treat a new game for your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch or the PC and is just waiting for a really good offer? Then you are lucky. We have the net for you to the best gaming discounts throughout you and lists following only offers that there is no dealer cheaper. Updated daily.

The best PlayStation 4 and PS5 deals of the week

Looking for good gaming offers for the PlayStation 5 (check the availability of the console) or PS4? Here you exist:

  • Do not forget that Horizon Forbidden West already on 18. February appears! At Saturn you also have the chance to get a Collector’s Edition for 229.99 euros.

If you are already PS-Plus subscribers , we already show you the free games in February . If you want to buy a subscription, you can buy a 12-month membership here at Amazon.

The best Nintendo Switch offers for the weekend

Nintendo games and consoles have the reputation to always be very priced. It is all the better if there are switch games reduced in the offer. If you are still looking for the OLED variant, you can check availability here.

  • Warioware Get It Together is available at Amazon for 33 Euro . The fun game offers a successful mix for you and a teammate in over 200 micro plays.

  • The puzzle game Big Brain Academy: Head on the head There is just on Amazon for only 24.99 euros (instead of 25.99 euros). Small discount, still best price!

  • Pokémon legends: Arceus finally here! And at Euronics you can already reduce it for 49.99 euros. .

XBox-Series-X offers at Amazon

Also one or the other Xbox bargain (checks here the current availability of the Xbox Series X) must be available at Amazon, such as:

The best deals for the PC

Great game bargains for the PC and laptop, we also do not want to consider you:

  • Witcher 3 as a digital download code for the PC on Ebay for just 19.99 euros available.

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as a digital download code for 19.99 euros at Amazon (instead of 59.99 Euro RRP).

DualSense - ТОП Геймпад с ПОДВОХОМ

Incidentally, do not forget that you can secure free games each month at Amazon if you have a Prime Account. If not, you can test Amazon Prime here for 30 days for free. The game remains after the end of membership in your library. It’s worth it!

Gaming gadgets: The best deals at a glance

  • At Mediamarkt you get straight discounts on different Amiibo figures. For example, only 23,99 Euro for the Double Pack Cat Mario and Cat Peach (instead of 29.99 euros) or 7.99 euros (instead of 14.99 Euro RRP) for the Super Smash Bros Collection Daisy . Further Amiibos finds you here.

  • Do you actually know Etsy? There you can always find an imident and self-made gaming merch. How also this funny Witcher greeting cards with the inscription “is your name roach? Confirm I Want to Ride You” for only 4.45 Euro suitable for Valentine’s Day.

  • The gaming chairs of Snakebyte are ergonomically shaped so that the back does not strike even after a long gaming session and have a load capacity of up to 139 kilos. The Snakebyte Gaming-Seat Evo in Blue is currently at Saturn for 124.99 Euro RRP (instead of 199 euros). Who is the color green prefer, will also find it.

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