Animal Crossing: The official New Horizons Guide is on sale

Animal Crossing New Horizons: COMPANION GUIDE BOOK REVIEW (Everything You Need To Know)

The Animal Crossing series is known for its casual, open and relaxing gameplay. There are not really enormous definitive goals. All you have to do is make your home, to pay Tom Nook, to become friends with a villager, to pay Tom Nook, to go fishing, pay Tom Nook and pay Tom Nook. The world is your oyster rented by Tom Nook. The new Animal Crossing game will be released in a month, and there is a lot to do and many friends to get d1. Those who seek to make the most of the game could consider obtaining the official animal crossing guide: New Horizons, which is on sale now!

The official accompanying guide is written by Future Press. You can get it on Amazon for 40% off, if you act quickly. It’s like most strategy guides; Offering tips and tricks to make money, privileged information on craftsmanship and what is sold where. Some things that have not been revealed by any trailer or press release have been confirmed by this guide. The museum that was present in previous animal games Crossing will come back. The museum, as in the previous games of the series or as in Stardew Valley, is a place of retention of rare objects like fossils.

Future Press offers this guide in paperback, without mention for a cardboard copy or an e-book. The normal price is $ 29.99, but it is reduced for 17.99 USD. The guide also comes out on April 9, one month after the game release. Are you ready to start your game without this? Currently, it is promoted on It does not seem currently available on Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 20th.

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