Xbox controller: The probably the least used button gets new features

How often do you use the Share button on your Xbox controller? If you are one of the people who happen as good as never before, this message is likely to be glad. Microsoft is slowly rolling the new way to assign another function to the button. You can then finally smoke new life this often strongly neglected button.

Who wants, can finally use the Share Button for something more meaningful

There is therefore: In the middle of the Xbox Series S / X controller, there is a button that many of you probably do not use particularly often – the Share button. So far, the exclusively for screenshots could make gameplay and share this content. But that will finally change soon.

Button Remapping comes: Currently the function is available only to the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider program, but it will be rolled out in the near future for all others. That is, you can soon determine what happens if you press this button in the middle of your controller (via: xbox wire).

This is how it works: To use the Share button for another function, you need the Xbox accessory app. In addition, you must first update the firmware of your controllers. In the accessory or accessories app, you can manage your controller and also reorganize the buttons. For the Share button, Microsoft has now enabled the following options:

  • Open Xbox Guide
  • Send messages
  • Search
  • Start App or Game

How to remap Xbox controller Share button
* Play media / pause
* Set the volume of the TV: louder, quieter, mute
* Show success, friends or party
* Quick settings
* Night mode, color filter, magnifying glass or narrator

As usual, the Share Button can also prove three times: once for a normal push of a button, but you can also assign a different function to press and hold. Last, But Not Least is also available to press the fast twice in succession.

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When exactly the new function will be available for all, unfortunately not yet fixed. But it should not be too long to take too long until your Share Button can also prove to your mood with new features that uses your more often.

What do you think about the possibility to re-reuse the button?

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