LOL: The assembly created by a player showing how Ven League of Legends the Champions

League of Legends players can now get on the skin of their favorite champions. A member of the community has created a series of assemblies in which it reproduces the riot games’ mob’s items from the point of view of the characters in the invoker crack. An immersive experience that offers us a new perspective much closest to what really happens in the games and demonstrates how absurd movement we make in each confrontation.

So it would be League of Legends in First Person

To carry out the assembly, the player chose the perspective of caitlyn . When we normally play the champion is relatively simple and does not have too many mechanics. However, when putting on her skin wins in spectacularity. The effects of skills are not designed to be seen from the first person’s perspective, but the truth is that Riot Games has worked longer than expected and performance is spectacular, as a photographer showed that he did an interesting foot work of the loyalty crack.

In addition to being spectacular and allowing us to see the game from a different perspective, the assembly also shows interesting details about League of Legends. For example, 360 degree turns reveal us how fast they really move the champions about their own axis . A key decision that Riot Games took to facilitate movement and that is hardly appreciated when we play normally.

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Of course, there are elements that do not just be seen with the detailed they should. This is because in most first-person games our character adopts ridiculous positions or has no head so that his textures do not hinder the game experience. Something that, of course, is not possible to alter in the repetitions of League of Legends. However, this situation does not prevent them from enjoying and that some players even dream of a future game mode that allows to experience the game from another point of view.

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