GENHIN IMPACT: Yae Miko enters the scene in the update 2.5

The publication of Genshin Impact updates continues at the rate of one every six weeks, without encountering the slightest opposite. The Mihoyo machine will therefore be at the rendezvous of its promises again for the update 2.5, on February 16th.

Added In the early year, Enkanomiya will still be at the center of events by means of a new zone invaded by darkness inflicting corrosive damage that explorers will have to push back with a gadget called Bokuso Box. Three new enemies also roam in this cursed z1. “_The event will last all along version 2.5, allowing you to take your time to explore in depth every corner of this area and recover the many rewards, including primo-gems and the new 4-star catalyst”, tells us The press release. Another event introduces the possibility of creating and sharing its own dungeons by setting up the structures, mechanisms, traps, bonuses and terms of completion.

Version 2.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact

This update extends the history quest of Shogun Raiden but also from Yae Miko, which will eventually enter the combat arena by proudly brandishing its five stars. Already present in history for a few months, the high priestess of Narukami’s sanctuary will join the team of those who will have the chance to inherit the vows lottery. In combat, Yae Miko is an electro character handling a catalyst. “ Thanks to its jurisdiction and elementary peeing, yeae miko inflicts constant damage when it is off the battlefield, as well as a lot of damage thanks to its unleashing when it is in combat“, can we read on the PlayStation Blog. No doubt the character will be entitled to the usual presentation videos from here the update.


GENSHIN IMPACT – Trailer of the 2.5 “update when the Sakura bloom”

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