For the first time in 13 years, a new version arrives on GBA

In his day, the Game Boy Advance was an absolute heavyweight of a console – such a success that his sales have eclipsed even the modern king of portable consoles, the Nintendo Switch, and with a library of games that any console (Except maybe the PS2) would have been jealous, the GBA is one of the best portable consoles of all time. It’s been a moment that we did not have a new version for the GBA (be off production for more than 10 years will, but now a team of independent developers brings a new game to the classic console.

Goodboy Galaxy is a Metroidvania style action platform game that follows an adorable little dog named Maxwell in an adventure through the stars to save his dying native world. While Maxwell is blocked on the edge of the galaxy, he will have to explore new worlds, face unknown enemies and be full of new strange friends if he wants to go home.

The development team simply called Goodboy Galaxy, currently manages a Kickstarter to take off Goodboy Galaxy. At present, the Kickstarter is sitting at nearly 97,000 £ raised for the target of £ 18,000, so do not worry – it’s definitely coming! There are options for digital versions of the game on PC, SWITCH and GBA, or for physical versions on these consoles. The GBA physical version has options to include a box in Western or Japanese styles, as well as an old-fashioned GBA cartridge and an appropriate instruction manual. Oh, and there are also stickers!

The first new Game Boy Advance game in 13 Years | Goodboy Galaxy

Goodboy Galaxy developers explained their reasoning behind the exit on a console now disappeared on their official website: “_Why GBA? We celebrate our 20-year-old friend, Game Boy Advance, because we think it’s fun / interesting! _ “

The Galaxy Kickstarter Goodboy is expected to end on September 24, with a later exit on PC, Nintendo Switch and Game Boy Advance.

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