Flooring Game Academy, Gangnam This application is renewed

The Maru Games Academy said that Gangnam is renewing this office.

This Kid Runs So Fast, People Are Calling Him the Fastest Child in the World

The Maru Games Academy is working with a game development and a professional gamemamine that sponsor Marugaming (Battleground, Batteral Professional), and two of the Suwon Stores in Gangnam. In the present list, we have conducted a curriculum related to game development, including game resources and 3D graphics for more than 16 years, and various fields such as webtoon processes and prohibition processes are conducted. Online academins are being operated separately for talented people who are not living in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do,

Maruakademy explained that the “E-sports’s core keywords,” said Maruakadami, “said Maruakadami,” I will upgrade to the educational environment where people who dream of dreaming of “e-sports core keywords,” the core keywords of the sports can be active in the world. ” “E sports talents will be able to make a optimal environment to make their dreams in a better environment, and would be able to be reborn as the best talent.”

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