Pokemon criticized by inappropriate location in Latin American Spanish

The Pokémon Company was recently criticized for not including appropriate Spanish locations for the region in its games. Last month, Gabriel Ramos dubbing actors and Gabriel Gama stressed a petition initiated by Pokemon fanatics who asked The Pokemon Company to include Spanish translations of the game specific to the Latin American public. The petition notes that the Pokemon Games commonly use phrases and words that have more vulgar implications for Latin American players and requests the Pokemon Company to bring a location team to translate the games for a Latin American audience instead of using a general track in Spanish. In addition, the petition requests a second translation into Portuguese of specific games for Brazilian players.

Having two translations into Spanish, one for European Spanish speakers and another for Latin Americans, is not uncommon in video games. Like other languages ​​spoken by millions of people scattered around the world, several Spanish-speaking regions use certain words and phrases differently in local vernacular languages. For example, the phrase gives us a whistle translates as we care very little in Spanish, but it is often used in parts of Latin America as equivalent to we care about a fuck. The petition notes that the Spanish translations of recent games such as Pokemon Ruby Omega and Cairo Alpha and Pokémon X and Y both use Spanish phrases that are considered inappropriate in parts of Latin America, especially for small children to which the games are directed of Pokemon.

The petition has more than 18,000 signatories, and more signatures are added every day. And while the soon will be released Pokemon legends: aqueous will not have a specific Spanish translation for Latin America, The Pokemon Company has recognized recent complaints. The Latin American website AN MTV noted that The Pokémon Company provided a standard response when asked about the petition. «Pokemon encourages players / users to send comments and suggestions so that our products can offer the best possible experience to our customers. Although we do not always implement all the suggestions, we read and pay attention to each comment, said the company’s response.


You can read and sign the request here.

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