Activision Blizzard: Why the takeover is a unique opportunity

You do not know anything evil and just want to play in peace, but then Microsoft comes from nothing and just buys so Activision Blizzard. Suddenly the whole game world is head. Almost 70 billion, Call of Duty exclusively for the Xbox, the consequences of this deal we will feel very much later.

But with all black painting, the takeover could also have good pages. Especially for the hard-cut reputation of Activision. With a new leadership and a megaconzern in the back, which will not tolerate missing in the image, it is high time to work up and straighten the old loads of recent years.

Or in short: Microsoft’s purchase is the one chance for Activision Blizzard, finally renewing and returning to the track.

Personally, I see three major construction sites that have to be addressed with a new leadership and where Microsoft must also interfere to resolve the reputation of Activision.

These are the procedures’ situation with Call of Duty, the disappointing development at Blizzard and of course the massive abuse and discrimination cases that actively overshadow the entire last year.

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  1. 1 a dairy cow called Call of Duty
  2. 2OH, Blizzard…
  3. Take 3 human destinies seriously

A dairy cow called Call of Duty

The fattest cow, which has Activision in the stable, is of course Call of Duty. Since 2006, a new part appears every year. Overall, the series comes to 18 games, and it is still a money printing machine. So that this continues to continue, Activision has seven studios that has been working in the series for years.

Three of them take care of new parts of the series and four make assistance and support. Three years of development time are planned for a series part per main studio.

Sled hammer continues to have problems despite additional time and must also have many construction sites at Vanguard and the War zone Update even after Release. After all, what you hear about insiders, Call of Duty 2022 is now already plagued by issues and Activision throws all resources that you have to save the booth. Everything because of a small restlessness in the machine.

It is a vicious circle that can actually be broken only if you do not dispense with the annual releases and finally gives the series time to breathe. In a self-sufficient Activision, this is impossible, after all, it is the lifeblood of the company and a year without Call of Duty would mean serious financial difficulties.

Under the Xbox brand, it looks different. There are enough other titles ready to import and import money. With the Game Pass there is a steady cash flow of hundreds of millions of dollars a month anyway. Microsoft could therefore give the studios time to resort and better work out creative ideas to help the series out of the hole.

Maybe you leave the studios a bit completely different. After almost two decades exclusively Call of Duty possibly that would not be the worst idea.

Oh, blizzard…

With Warcraft 3 reforged or the last WoW add-ons has suffered the image. After all, Blizzard was the company to rely on, but that’s no more.

Unfortunately, you have to say that many of these damages – especially in the developer area – are irreparable. Too many good developers have gone and founded their own studios because they had no desire for Activision. According to insiders, the insiders have been actively trying to blizzard from their We develop so long until it is cool – to dissuade way and to make a non-free money pressure machine.

Here Microsoft must act and help Blizzard back to the old size by promoting creative minds while taking people from marketing and finance department from decision items. In Blizzard, in my opinion, there is still a lot of potential for great games. It only has to be activated again, and the old call will be restored.


Human destinies seriously take

The last construction site I want to address is the largest. The reports on abuse and discrimination against Activision Blizzard must be worked up and the situation of the victims must be actively improved. At the same time, the corporate culture must be reformed.

The scandals who came to light last year have shaken the entire gaming world. Countless documents for continuous sexual harassment, unequal treatment and worse career opportunities for minorities have even brought the state of California to sue Activision.

All this will now need one thing: time. But until the purchase itself is under the roof and subject, it may take until next year, and only then Microsoft can only intervene.

The prospect of that Bobby Kick and parts of his leadership rates are likely to spend their seats after completion of the deal, at least is a positive beginning. In addition, Microsoft has to show that behind her words about game culture and inclusion not only is a lot of hot air.

Microsoft has to spin a soup here, the Activision hatches ha, T and there you have a decent task bound to the leg. But I’m a mapped optimist, and therefore I really hope that something changed, and those responsible are aware of their task.

Such a second chance you never get again, and the creative minds at Activision and Blizzard deserved to be taken again seriously.

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