Witchfire developers say that the unique difficulty setting will be extremely difficult

Witch fire developers have just given more information about their next Rogue lite FPS. The Dark Fantasy shooter is now at its last stages of development and will enter early access later this year.

The players’ community heard about the game for the first time in 2017. At the time, there was a lot of media hype around the game of astronauts. The studio has become relatively dark for the most part. Fortunately for those who have long awaited more details about the upcoming title, developers are now more than generous with the information.

It’s Wednesday, my witches’ hunters, astronauts wrote on social networks. Aloes, here are the four seconds of Witch fire in glorious video quality!

Next week, the Witch fire developers will treat fans with a huge discharge of information about the game. We will talk about exit dates, features and other exciting things, they wrote. It is time for a big session of questions and answers — the biggest we have ever done.

Witch fire will be a first-person shooting game with a Dark Fantasy decor. That said, it seems to be a little different from what astronauts are pretty well known in the past. After all, it’s also the same team that gave the Vanishing of Ethan Carter video game world, focused on narration.

However, it should be noted that they also manufactured Painkiller. Looking at the overview they shared, it seems that Witch fire reflects a large part of the aesthetics of the old shooting game. The next game will focus on a frenetic style of arena fighting and loot collection, in addition to the generation of random maps.

In addition, there will only have one level of difficulty. Despite this, developers say that the game will be extremely difficult.

There is only one level of difficulty, they confirmed. We may have something to make the life of the hardcore even more miserable, but at the top level.

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