Shenmue The Animation already hManganime platform a releManganime platforme date; New trailer of the series

Hence The Animation will premiere the Sunday, February 6 in Crunchyroll, the Manganese platform available in a multitude of countries, Spain included. The subscription service hManganime platform given all the details of the premiere, including the time of publication of the first episode of this adaptation to animate from one of the most legendary licenses in Sega. You can see your new trailer subtitled to Spanish at the beginning of this news.

Hence The Animation: Date, schedule, number of chapters and details

Hence The Animation will premiere your first chapter on Sunday, February 6 at 05:30 (CET), before it dawns. For its part, in Pacific schedule will be 21:30 from the still Saturday, February 5. In total, the series will consist of 13 episodes and will tell us a story of self-discovery, personal growth and revenge; BManganime platformed entirely on the original Dream cManganime platformt video game published in December 1999. In this cManganime platforme, the action of the series seeks to honor and honor the legend created by You Suzuki.

Official Hence The Animation Synopsis

Year 1985, Yokosuka. Rio Suzuki hManganime platform trained a lot from a very young age to dominate the Suzuki style of Jujitsu under the supervision of his strict Father Suzuki, says official synopsis. However, one day a mysterious man named LAN DI killing his father and steals the mirror that his father had dedicated him to protect him. Rio is determined to discover the truth after the murder of his father, but soon he will end up involved in a war between mysterious organizations and will travel from Yokosuka to Hong Kong. It is the beginning of Rio’s long trip!

How much Crunchyroll costs: Price and subscription modalities

To see the series it will be enough to subscribe to crunch roll , which hManganime platform a free 14-day trial period before paying the first payment of monthly payments. Currently, there are two options: Fan for 4.99 euros per month To access all the contents of the Crunchyroll catalog without advertising, SimulcManganime platformt with Japan and a simultaneous device; or mega fan for 6.49 euros per month , which includes all the above plus the possibility of enjoying viewed without connection (unloading) and availability in up to four devices at a time.

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