Xbox and Activision: What does the billions mean

Microsoft should stand according to reports shortly before the purchase of Activision Blizzard — which would change the gaming industry irrevocably and far-reaching. The deal would be by far the biggest takeover of history. But what would the record purchase for gamers mean?

$68.7 billion. The colored sum for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft can be found in numbers, but nevertheless understand only in an abstract way. It is a deal of such gigantic dimensions that the consequences are difficult to fore. Here is still a first assessment.

Microsoft with Mega Deal: Loud new Xbox franchises

After the first deep breathing first follows a listing: the takeover of Activision Blizzard would mean that, among other things, the following billion-heavy franchises transfer to the possession of Microsoft: Call of Duty, Warcraft, Star craft, Overwatch and Candy Crush .

This would mean that Microsoft is a online gaming community gigantic cake scoop onto the plate — with a juicy e-sport filling and a casual gaming glaze on top of it.

In addition, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters and would lead the former PlayStation Mascot Crash Bandicoot and Spiro The Dragon in the future for Team Xbox — which would have to be sufficient alone to make our tail beam in thousands of directions.

Call of Duty and Co: in the future Xbox-Exclusive?

With the acquisition of these franchises, of course, the question would also be the most dreaded question from Gamer: Where can the games of these ranks be drawn? Will the nearest COD entry exclusively for the Xbox Series X | S appear? Does Overwatch 2 actually come only for Microsoft’s consoles ? And maybe there is another chance of Star craft 3, if only under Phil Spencer’s’s personal entertainment flag?

As a result of the acquisition of Animal, Microsoft has already shown that they are not back to market new projects such as Star field as exclusive games to market . For the flap of 7.5 billion US dollars, Xbox now wanted to claim a few games alone for themselves. What does the company probably expect from a sum that is almost ten times the size?

For games like Call of Duty or Overwatch, which set such a strong focus on online multiplayer, would be an Xbox exclusivity but at least a risk — because players would break in comparison to the current state without question. In turn, this would damage the mineralization model, with which Activision Blizzard has sold its soul in recent years.

Xbox Game Pass is irreplaceable as a service

With single player games, however, would not be the risk of a small player base and an Xbox exclusivity would therefore result, for example, for new adventures of Spiro, Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk.


In any case, it would be assumed that both the new multiplayer and single player franchises as day-one releases in the Xbox Game Pass Land and thus the games’ library of the service would lift a new level.

This would probably break the game-pass model and Microsoft’s Next-Gen consoles to break some sales records and even the powerful PS5 would look pretty nervous about their own shoulder. For Xbox, this deal should be worthwhile, despite the gigantic sum — whether the industry and community benefit from it, however, must still show.

Microsoft should be shortly before to accept Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion US dollars. The deal would result in a massive change in the gaming industry by distributing the lucrative gaming franchises alone.

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