LOL: Wunders spectacular play with Fnatic demonstrating the error of the community

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The transfer market of League of Legends left us a big surprise in Europe with the transfer of Under to Fanatic. The EX of G2 ESPORTS signed by the great opponent of the community doubts about the future performance of him in LEC. Despite being considered one of the best players of the Top Lane in the region, he came from the worst year of him. The doubts were justified, but in just two days the player has been able to claim the place that corresponds to the trajectory of him.

Under looks with FANATIC in a spectacular play

The best moment of Under (Ragas) so far as competition, will be remembered at the end of the season. It took place during the first minutes of the confrontation between Fanatic and Team Vitality, in which the player demonstrated some almost perfect mechanics achieving converting an aggression under his turret of three rivals in a play more than profitable for the interests of his team. Able to dodge everything and take two rivals ahead, he also won enough time for his humanoid fellow (Leblanc).

When we talk about failures attacking the rivals under the turret, we usually do it in the key of great failures due to lack of coordination. However, although Team Vitality players could have done it better to distribute the turret blows, the lack of precision is not the differential factor. Under signs which will be one of the most accurate plays of the League of Legends Competitive with an explosive barrel capable of knocking down in full flight to Selfsame (Diana) . Featured action that he accompanies after a perfect flash when he seemed sentenced.

As if that were not enough, there is also a quality detail in the use of the grain passive, which serves you to win the life points you needed and achieve even more time. In this way, when its partner has finally falls, has already reached the play to ratify a three-lower exchange to one and put FANATIC ahead. A temporary advantage that seemed impossible and allowed the player to have a decisive performance for his team, who begins the competitive season of League of Legends counting his games for victories.

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