Starfield would have a clock for collectors: A discovered manual attracts the looks of fans

Star field is one of the great bets for this 2022, the new adventure of role of Bethesda Game Studios, will take us to a scenario of science fiction spatial in which it will be its first new universe in 25 years. As it is natural, this great event is attracting the looks of many fans towards the products related to the new franchise, even ahead of the Microsoft itself to imagine themselves versions of Xbox Series X and its command.

The truth is that Bethesda does not usually disappoint as to merchandising products and great collector issues associated with their flagship games, so that expectation is high around the new launch. One of the objects that has not gone unnoticed for the fans is a nice clock that we had had a look at one of the ‘behind camera’ videos of this summer, presented at a careful box dressed in the Theme of the game .


An Android smartwatch with barometer and weather information The clock, as shared NGC, would be a smartwatch called LPV6 Chronogram produced by The Wand Company . This information would come through a manual discovered in a STANFIELD subnet. From him, we would extract that it is about an Android device with the ability to connect to telephones via Bluetooth. The aspect and codes on the clock lead us to think that it is the same device that we could see in the June 2021 video.

The manual mentions some of its functions, such as the barometer, information on lunar and meteorological phases . We still can not know if it is a product associated with the game that will be sold separately or if it will be part of some complete collector’s edition of the game itself. The Wand Company has already brought us sometimes before graduates of video games such as Realist Poke Ball that included special effects. We will still have to wait until the end of the year to be able to enjoy the new RPG of Bethesda, but until then, in 3DGames we have talked about some things you should know about Star field.

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