LOL: The sound update of Sona that will change all your skills

League of Legends has accelerated the rhythm of improvements for many of the most outdated champions of the characters’ campus. Although it does not increase the rhythm of REWORKS or large visual updates, developers have undertaken somewhat more discrete projects in which they try to improve the effects or functioning of some heroes. The next patch will be one of the most outstanding about it, since SON will receive an improvement to the effects (VFX) of the skills of it that will accompany a very similar change for Wayne or the great playable change of Janna.

The new effects of Son skills

The visual effects updates refer to the changes that receive the champions in the particles that show when using their skills. These have the effect of making them clearer, so we can interpret the game at first sight and help the set feel much more adapted to the current League of Legends. A job that in the case of Son was halfway after the last major adjustments that the character received and that now will finally complete his update.


In the case of Son, changes to her skills will be the following

  • AutoATAQUEQUE : Added a wake in the form of musical notes to the projectile.
  • Auras : The activation of any skill will result in the appearance of small textures with musical motifs that will go out of the champion towards the edge of its effect. The waves around her body softened and dissipate all over the aura, instead of in just four zones. The pentagram surrounding Son when activating her skills receive improvements.
  • Q — Hymn of value : The projectile that reaches enemies will resemble a basic, although blue. The basic enhancement will leave a more remarkable trail in the form of a pentagram.
  • W — ARIA of perseverance : The visual indicator that is activated on an allay changes to look more like a pentagram. The basic enhanced to enemies adapts to that of the Q, although green.
  • E-Song of Celerity : Softened the indicator of the effect of it over allies. The basic enhancement is adapted to that of Q, although purple. The textures are also softened to indicate that the enemy is slowed down.
  • R — Crescendo : The skill will make small waves at its launch, but textures are softened so that they are less noticeable after going through a location and highlighting more the tour and its next impact area.

As usual in this type of settings, you will also take Changes to almost all Skins that SON has available in League of Legends to adapt to these changes.

  • Basic Skin : Changes to all skills.
  • Must : Detail adapted from the new base model.

  • Entails : Adaptation to the new base model.
  • Night of Peace : Adaptation to the new base and recurred model.
  • Gain : Minor details of the new base model.
  • Recreation : Full Update
  • DJ : Full Update
  • Amorous : Settings and adaptation to the new base model.
  • odyssey : Minimum settings.
  • Shops : No change.
  • Entails III : Small adjustments and new unique effects for your basic, passive and definitive.

The patch 12 . 2 which should get the new update of Son in the game should be released on Thursday, January 20 on schedule updates Riot Games.

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