New Steam shooter takes Battlefield 2042 right on the grain

Battlefield 2042 is not known for its glorious success, rather for the manifold criticism of the players and the awful reviews on Metacritic and Co. This criticism is now driven with a new shooter at Steam on the top.


A clone called BROWNFIELD 2042

Since November 19, players can fall into the battles of Battlefield 2042 and enjoy the Multiplayer shooter of EA in full trains. But unfortunately, the action game has been no real enjoyment for the fans.

A huge wave of criticism and grotto-traged reviews on Steam and Co. are the result. Even if EA has already improved with various patches, the image of Battlefield 2042 first seems to be damaged first.

The great disappointment and criticism over and on the shooter is now awarded with a Fresh Parody further expression. The developers named Riverside Sports have produced a clone of Battlefield 2042, which takes the big mangos of the original belonging to the snippets.

The game listens to the appropriate name Clown field 2042 and is rather a joke than a real game, as the comments to the game also reveal. To get an idea of ​​how well cloned the shooter is, look at the trailer :

Better than Battlefield 2042?

If you look at the more than 800 reviews you can say that Clown field 2042 is at least a better rating than its role model Discusses: 90 percent of the players rate the shooter as positive and bring him the seal very positive one.

But even a look into the reviews, as well as the description make it clear that this meme game is only a extended arm of criticism angry battlefield fans.

The description trumps with overstocked, false review quotes and also the features are just a highlight reel The lot criticized battlefield 2042 bugs. Also contained bugs are pure styles and are in Clown field 2042 Stay — just to rub EA a little more salt in the wound.

This is also reflected in the reviews: the scoreboard and the voice chat are available, the bad performance and specialists in the clone are. So everything better than in Battlefield.

And a commentator clarifies, for those who ask themselves whether they should invest the 79 cents (acutely in the SALE for 71 Cent) for Clown field 2042 on Steam:

The recommended reviews that mock BF2042 are hilarious. Nevertheless, realistically, I can not recommend anyone in good conscience, looking for a cheap game for fun; It is almost unplayable and should only be a joke product.

Welch games to avoid steam in any case:

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