The director of Devil May Cry advances a new game

Idea Its is causing a new game. For those who do not know, Its is a director and designer of Cap com, and is responsible for guiding the devil can cry and Dogma of the dragon. Beyond this, he has also worked and influenced series such as Power Stone, lever, and dark stalkers. While he is not as well known as some of Japan’s directors and videotapes in Japan, such as Video Kolyma and Hid eta Miyazaki, he is a prominent figure in the industry and is on his way to the Hall of Fame. It is enough to say that when he mocks up a new game, many pay attentions, especially The devil can cry and dogma of the amateur.

On Twitter, Its provided an end-of-year update while he wished them all a Happy New Year. To this end, Its points out that the next project is definitely ahead of last year, that is, it has advanced. Adding to this, Its asks his fans to please wait with anxiety.

Unfortunately, Its does not say what this project is. According to several rumors, it is the long-awaited sequel to Dogma of the dragon, which would make sense since the IP is receiving the Treatment of Netflix anime. That said, given the success of Devil May Cry 5, the most recent game of Its, Diablo can cry 6 Nor should it be ruled out. And, of course, the mystery game could be a new IP or a return to one of the IP mentioned above, but these two possibilities seem unlikely.

Devil May Cry 5's Director On Making An Unforgettable Action Game | Audio Logs

As always, we will keep you informed. At this time, you do not know when this game will be revealed. It could be in 2022, but there is nothing in the previous tweet that suggests so much.

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