Outer Wilds Soluce All Successes and Trophies

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The secrets contained in the solar system are sometimes very complex to drill. Take your guide solace from all the successes or trophies of Outer Wilds.

The success of the basic game

Not to mention the additional content of Echoes of the Eye, Outer Wilds has many basic successes. Here is the complete list (secrets included, attention spoiler) with all the ways to get them.

60 seconds throne

Just die within 60 seconds after your awakening.

Little just

Outside the fuel reserves of your combination to propel you through your oxygen reserve.

Harmonic Convergence

To unblock this success are removing as much as possible from the solar system. Then point your Endoscope towards him.


Put your ship in a gravitational barrel (present either on gravity or on the red sandy) and activate the.

yum, carcinogens

Eat 10 grilled marshmallows, they are accessible to all camp lights.

That’s what I do it?

On the right of your ship’s dashboard, you can press a button to eject.

your terrible destiny

This success is unlocked at the same time as the end break the factory of space.


A small orbit satellite around the hearth, to validate this success you have to hit it with your ship.

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of hearth with the moon

A few meters from the starting campfire is a rocket microphone, you have to put it on the rock (the moon of hearth)

On PC the mouse should not move, only your keys should be used to maneuver to achieve it more easily.

poor mica

As the previous success in a more complex way, the micro rocket must crash on the sun.

it was worth trying.

Get away as possible from the sun before explosion. It is possible to wait a few minutes to the campfire before moving away to save time.

his place is in a museum!

Return an artifact from the high energy laboratory to the Observatory d’Artemis.


To land without automatic control on the solar station.

Grand Diving

Cross the underwater currents of Deviate by sinking it. It takes a lot of momentum (thousands of meters per second). This success is a little random, the attempt is to reproduce several times.


Super 1000 damage and finish the loop. The best way to achieve this success is to put your ship next to the starting campfire.

It is therefore possible to get hurt with the fire and then heal in the vessel, this action is to be repeated at least 20 times.


Discover all newspaper entries, to reach them you can follow our guides of planet each.


This section is being written, Echoes of the Eye’s successes will soon be available and will appear in a dedicated Outer Wild Solace article.

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