Phasmophobia Update 0 5 1 Patchotes Carlos Hurtado

Homophobia is a computer game of independent survival horror developed and published by Kinetic Gaming. The game was attended by anticipated accessibility with Heavy steam for Microsoft Windows groups in September 2020, along with virtual fact support. He obtained a wonderful increase of appeal the following month since lots of Twitch as well as YouTuber banners played it, mostly in the weeks and also days prior to Halloween. On October 15, 2020, the game was the 6th most popular on Twitch. It was the very successful game in Steam worldwide for a number of weeks from October to November 2020.


Update 0.5.1 has arrived for homophobia, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. Homophobia has already added to the game some Christmas content, but the developers are not finished with the changes at the game. This patch does not bring new content, but adds some corrections to the game. Everything is new with Homophobia Update 0.5.1.

Homophobia Update 0.5.1 Catholics


Mist weather has been temporarily removed while we work on a new system and will look better with the VR revision at the beginning of next year.
All cursed obsession now only have a spawn point, which means that a total of only 6 spawns per card are to be learned. You will also be more intuitive, e.g. congressional circles in cellars or roof floors.
In prison, asylum and school; Escaped possessions are only placed in the first space to make them more useful.
The description of the demon has been updated to better reflect its weaknesses.
The Yuri ability now closes only one door, rather than all doors near the mind.
Yuri should now be more reliable in your room when she is smeared.
Bantu has always guaranteed evidence of freezing temps on Nightmare.
The Bantu breath is no longer visible if they are dead.
The range of maximum hiking distance has been slightly increased so sisters are not trapped in larger rooms.
Tarot cards are now easier to use in VR.
Prison computers now change their color in green when the lights are on, and red when they are turned off.
The room number in the main menu of Asylum has been adjusted as too many rooms were displayed.
Candle smoke particles have been adjusted.
Updated to the latest LIV SDK to resolve a VR crash.


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Many changes were made regarding some spirits and their spawns. They have also changed some of their skills, making them less powerful and players have more opportunities to discover them and survive them. The descriptions of Ghost have also been changed; They will make their weakness better. In addition to these changes, the patch could fix many errors. Errors relating to ghosts, effects, audio elements and more have been fixed. Now players should be able to enjoy the new contents with fewer problems. Homophobia is now available on the PC. For more information about this update, see the official Homophobia Steam page.

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