The Northman First trailer for the Viking

While Spider-Man: No Way Home Currently the massive success wave of popcorn cinemas rides, creates get a very special spectacle next year in April. Then with The North man brachial Viking action stormed into the lighting houses and who knows the director may probably hope for unconventional film fun.

There is no less than director Robert Edgers, which already with The Witch and The Lighthouse, but very popular arthouse-horror created. So far, Edgers worked together with the Indie label A24, for the North man, he has now teamed up with Focus Features.

What is the North man?

Father. Rescue Mother. Kill Mjölnir. These six words accompany the pictures in good two-minute trailers again and again. No wonder, because they are the goals of the young Viking-Prinzes (Alexander Starboard), who plays the lead role in the North man. After his father and king is murdered by the enemy Viking Mjölnir cold-blooded, he goes to a journey, where he always has his motivation clearly in mind.

Anyone who liked the Nordic-inspired setting of light blade velvet oppressing, gloomy atmosphere that could come to his taste at The North man. In the way, the first trailer acts very promising and attracts with great pictures. How classic or how unconventional Edgers’ new work will be really in the end, but we learn only in the April 2022, if the movie comes to the cinemas.

A fantastic occupation

This time, the experimental director, according to estimates with $60 million, not only get more budget on the hand, but enthuses film fans in advance with a truly spectacular star bid. The main role plays Alexander Starboard, most of them probably know from the series True Blood and Big Little.

In the latter, the well-known actress Nicole Kidman has played, which will now be seen in The North man. Furthermore, potential spectators may be Class Bang (Dracula), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch, Ladies Gambit), Ethan Hawks (The Purge), Willem Dafoe (The Lighthouse, 12 Minutes) as well as the singer and actress Björk.

Source: FOCUS Features on YouTube

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THE NORTHMAN - Official Trailer - In Theaters April 22

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