The red candle Devotion Studio moves away from the horror to make Taopunk

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Red Candle has remained silent since their previous teasing to work on a new game. That is to say until now. Red Candle, the studio that brought us apt and devotion, was surprisingly distant from the kind of horror to create a Tao punk platform game, Nine Floors.

While Nine Sols is a Title Work in Progress (WIP), Red Candle has tweeted with pleasure about this development and has also published a synopsis on its website. According to both sources, Nine Sols is a Fighter-based combat-based combination game, in a hand drawn 2D platform set which is a mixture of Asian fantasy and science fiction.

Although it’s not the first time we see the game, this is the first time that more information is given on what the game involves and the story we will see to come. This is what was written on the site: New Kunduz, the last sanctuary of the Somalians, remained silent for centuries. Inside this vast kingdom, the ancient gods have left the mortals a promised land that is forever protected by the sacred rituals, but the truth of this world remains unknown to most. Everything changes when Yi, a hero of the forgotten past for a long time, is awakened by a human child.

Suez Yi in his Congress quest against the 9 soils, the formidable leaders of this abandoned kingdom, and erase all obstacles blocking your path in a Sekiro-Lite style fight. Explore in a single Tao punk setting that mixes Cyberpunk elements with Taoism and the Mythology of the Far East. Drill the mysteries of an old extraterrestrial breed and discover the destiny of humanity.
Given the two games we saw from the Taiwanese team in the past, it could be a very good match and deserve to be played. Just look at the March teaser to think about Shovel Knight, with his color use and his cute player character. However, there is currently no release date and no known platform.


It may therefore be necessary to wait a little for the ambitious project that is Nine Soils.

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