5 reasons why your computer should turn off at night

Why should you turn off his gaming or office PC? Mango introduces you a few reasons why a shutdown can be reasonable.

Why do not many your computers switch off? The computer is likely to accompany many users in everyday life, be it at work or gaming. But several users do not even turn off their PC until and that has different reasons:

So you may want to access your PC via remote connection if you are traveling from your mobile or laptop.
Or have no desire to wait for the 10 seconds despite the built SSD until the computer is started.
Some allow your computer to run for days if you need to download large updates with a slow Internet connection.

Turn Off Your Computer Every Night, Here's Why

For example, the Spanish manufacturer Panda Security found that 23% of all persons never turn off their work drops (via Pandasecurity.com). But there are good reasons why you should treat you a rest break yourself, but also once your computer.

Share PC or switch off?

Is it bad if the PC is running around the clock? No, because all manufacturers test the installed components on a continuous load. Therefore, there is no risk normally if your computer is switched on longer. If you treat your hardware carefully, freed from dust or basically cleans, then heat problems are likely to be limited.

If you still want your computer to be permanently switched on, then you should take at least a few precautions. For example, you should protect your computers from dangers such as overvoltage, lightning levels or power outages. In the best case, your important data encrypts if other people could use your computer.

Save energy

In our time, where people waste massively electricity to farm about bitcoins, this tip is safe ironically. Nevertheless, if you do not necessarily want to be new bitcoin king, you just want to switch off your computers.

This saves electricity and protects the environment. However, huge sums of money will not save you, as you will only save a few watts on average.

However, you should not forget that you often have placed several more devices on the computer. This is how printers, monitor or USB hubs also consume electricity. Depending on the number, therefore, there is a lot together here.

Better Performance

Let your computer run for days without a complete shutdown, then the long term can weaken the performance.

Because your computer works several processes in the background or remains open from programs in the background because they were not closed properly. Also, some anti-cheat programs can still run in the background, although the game has been finished for a long time.

If your computer turns off, your device can close all open programs and empty, for example, the memory. To avoid problems, your computer should turn off regularly.

For example, the expert Brad Nichols explains the magazine Reader’s Digest that one should completely shut down his computer at least once a week if it really does not go any other way (via Rd.com).

In addition, a restart can also solve annoying problems or errors for which you can not find any cause.

Less annoying notifications

Most of you should have set up your PC so that you receive many messages on your computer. Whether that is now e-mails, chats or tasks on the PC, all need our attention — at least that’s how it seems.

If your computer simply turns off, that will allow you to leave the many notifications at least half a day or at least a few hours alone.


If you want to work from home and besides you have direct access to your computer, then this should only play a subordinate role for you.

However, if you work with sensitive data, which are not intended for every eye, then you should switch off the computer for security reasons. Because in this way you can not get your data at least without password — except the other person builds your unencrypted hard drive from your computer.

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