1 FC Bocholt Fighting announcement at SSVG Velbert after 5 0

When SSG Elbert zero is, and it is exactly in the right column of the table for them, namely in the defeats. Also, second-placed CFB 03 Hidden took place on Friday no recipe to overthrow the Dogan team. Initially Elbert, however, was defensively very busy, but goalkeeper Lens showed up in great shape. In the 24th minute it was happening on the other side: Urban hit a deep cross to Hidden half, Kaya was the fastest and shot free before CFB goalkeeper Line to 1: 0 a. Thanks to a good defensive work Elbert could pull the tooth the phased powerful guests and lay the 910 spectators the home win as early Christmas present under the tree.

New first persecutor of SSG is now the 1. FC Bolt. It also had to do with Elbert, with the SC Elbert, which is deep in relegation. The FCB also let anything burn, already in the 14th minute headed top scorer Plate precise Schumacher-edge to 1: 0 a. Six pointer revolutions later showed reason about how much feeling he has in his left foot: After rapid combination ran aground on the box to and lifted from 20 meters the ball like butter into the net. Even if the football history is full of sensational comebacks, but with the 3: 0 was obvious by a transformed by Becker penalty after 23 minutes who keep the points this Saturday. The Abstainer Kamila after exactly half an hour to 4: 0, underpinning only. The last act of the Bolt Gate Opera steered Feelings with his abgefälschtem’s 5: 0 in (56). Both coaches spoke after the game of a deserved even in the height victory. Home coach Jan Winking already took runner SSG Elbert his sights: We will give 2,022 full throttle and do anything to Elbert still catch up.

Big Point for Turn Düsseldorf

Since each point is taken with in an up or down round, counts down above each game. But the fight blazes especially to a place in the starting eleven, because these teams are allowed to play the rise in the coming year, although in some cases the gap to first place is so big that you can celebrate the league at least early on. Back to the timeliness and the race around the bar: Here the Turn Düsseldorf jumped back into the coveted zone. A hit of Flemish after 63 minutes gave away in DKK Teutonic St. Tons decisive. For the home team a bitter pill, the residue in eleventh place already is now eight points.

17. Spieltag: 1. FC Bocholt - SC Velbert 5:0 (4:0)
DVD Elbert and Ratingen 04/19 have relatively nestled comfortably in the first half. Elbert defeated the PSV Duisburg with 3: 1. Who strode up to 80 minutes even to the parking lot, which will surprise rub their eyes, because at the dawn of the last ten minutes it was still 0: 0th Then Duisburg Kayaoglu drew a Fagasinski-cross into his own goal (81), before later Fagasinksi his teammate Caetano took five minutes, the 2: 0 set. Jonah Kayaoglu made it exciting again briefly with his goal in the right goal in the 89th minute, but in injury time Caetano was there again.

Ray hopes for new impetus

The Rating er doing their job away at FC Ray with flying colors. From the beginning the defense was ordered and got front Miami in the 24th minute the lead. As had Rays Luka Bosniak shortly after the start of the second half unpack already a Sunday shot in the angle to Ratingen stain clean slate. But the hoped-Kray tailwind turned and blew the Essen District Club uncomfortable in the face: American was transformed in the 50th minute a free kick for re Rating er leadership. This result was well into the final phase of inventory before the old principle that a press and the other counter learned a new edition. ARI (85) and Play (86) used two quick counter bumps for the hit to 3: 1 and 4: 1. FCC is thus removed ten points of the promotion round. Coach Damien Upheld was afterwards disappointed. The enemy has succeeded with its individual quality almost the entire game to discover our weaknesses We did not come into play from the beginning, Ratingen have left the ball and were not consistent enough in Umschaltspiel. Now Upheld and his men will first shake, For us, it’s good now to go into the winter break to be able to turn some screws and then attack them with great enthusiasm early 2022 again.

In the duel of two hot rise round candidates came between the sports friends Baum berg and the PVG Schondnebeck a 2: 2 out. A felt defeat for Baum berg, because only in the third minute of the screening time Booked the clinchers the point on the account. The SC Düsseldorf-West and the Rothenberger Sc separated draw (1: 1), while at the 1st FC Klee (5: 1 after early 0: 1 residue against the TV John Ziegfeld) and the TSV Meerbusch (3: 0 Against the sports lovers of Nigerien) clear home victories on the program stood. On Sunday, the SPV GG Sterkrade-Nord continued the red lantern to the PSV Duisburg. Sterkrade-Nord hit the 1st FC Mönchengladbach 1: 0 in the basement duel. Early Elder scored the hits of the day when he played double pass with Curacy and then slipped flat (11th). Mönchengladbach decimated into the final phase, because Carey saw red (74.).

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